OSI Food Solutions: The World’s Largest Food Processor

OSI Food Solutions is significantly recognized in the food industry for provision of custom solutions and quality products all around the globe. The organization provides farm to food solutions to its vast clientele through partnerships with retailers and food producers. It is the largest food processor in the world providing efficient products and quality service.

OSI Food Solutions among America’s Top 100

OSI Food organization is among America’s top food companies. This rating is credited on the quality of products and services that the organization offers its consumers. The high quality of their products is because they buy this product from the best vendors and take their time to inspect them as well. This ensures that whatever they buy is of excellent quality and will satisfy their customers. The organization challenges their vendors to produce high-quality yields that will meet their consumers’ needs. OSI Food Solutions conduct extensive market research to identify new ways to become creative, innovative and to grow.

OSI Food Solutions Purchase Baho food

The organization purchased Baho Foods, which is a food production company in the Netherlands. The primary purpose of purchasing this organization was to diversify their own company so that they could reach more clientele. After extensive research, OSI Food organization realized that their market was narrow and therefore, this purchase was efficient. The company was able to include other food products such as deli meats and snacks.

Doubling Chicken Production Capacity

OSI Food Solutions doubled their production of processed chicken from 12 thousand tonnes to 14 thousand tonnes. There was a sudden increase in the demand for processed chicken, and thus, they had to double their production. This was added to their Spanish Plant where the managing director issued a statement saying that they have witnessed an increase in 6% between 2006 and 2016.

Globe of Honor Award

This organization had the privilege to win the Globe of Honor award for their efforts in environmental management. The British Safety Council gave this award to the UK branch. They were honored because of their exemplary efforts in the management of environmental risks. The British Safety Council recognizes companies that make efforts in being eco-friendly and preserving the environment. OSI organization was grateful for receiving this award and continue to strive to satisfy their consumers and meet food productions costs.