OSI Group Taking Advantage of the Growth Opportunities to Become a Global Leader in Food Providers

OSI Group has fast become one of the major food providers in the world. The company that started as a small meat shop today supplies of raw food products to major restaurants and fast food chains across the globe. The company has managed to take advantage of the growing use of technology in the food industry to increase its products and the efficiency of its 65 facilities located in 17 different countries. A German immigrant started the company in the early 1900s as a way to serve the local community on the west side of Chicago. But, within a matter of few years, the company had expanded in the wholesale business and also moved its main operation to Maywood in the Chicago suburb.

Later, the company receives its first significant contract from McDonald for its meat requirement, and there was no looking back for the company. The reason why OSI Group has managed to not only survive but also grow is that of its business strategy. The company believes in providing products and services depending on what their clients want to serve their local customers. They modify their production and also their products to meet the unique requirements of the local people. It is the reason the company hires only local managers to run their facilities in different countries who understand the local needs.

The company invests a lot of money in the development of its facilities and adapting the latest technology to increase production without compromising on the quality of the products. One unique growth strategy that OSI Group uses is through merger and acquisition of the local companies so that the transition is at a minimum and they can start their production at a minimum time frame. The head office of OSI Group is located in Metropolis even though it a vast network of processing facilities in different parts of the world. The company believes in utilizing the local resources in those countries to maximize their output and offering fresh products to their clients. OSI group today has expanded its product line and sells many others other than protein products to their clients.