Becoming A Traveling Vineyard Sales Consultant

The Traveling Vineyard has become a very well noted company when it comes to job opportunities for people that want to build their own business. This is the company that people look to when they have a desire to make their own schedules.

Consultants that are selling the wine for the Traveling Vineyard have the ability to get exactly the type of schedule that they would like to create as they host wine tasting parties and provide recommendations on different types of wine. This is a company that has a website and a Harvest Conference that provides people with a wealth of information on the wines that they are selling. This is how the consultants become much more knowledgeable on what they are selling.

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It is also the way that consultants find a way to bond with others that are part of the Traveling Vineyard business structure. It is a profitable business with a low start-up cost. This is what has made it one of the most attractive options for people that were looking for the opportunity to go into business for themselves. There has been a lot of buzz about the Traveling Vineyard because this is a company that presents great options for anyone that is simply looking for an opportunity to become more knowledgeable about wines as they sell these different products to an assortment of customers within their geographical boundaries. The great thing about building a client base with this company is that there is always a chance to improve your income and build your customer base. The only thing that you have to do is expand your geographical territory. This may be the reason that this is such an appealing business. There are no limitations on the amount of income that one can make. It all just depends on the level of commitment that one has to this business.

There are certainly going to be a lot of single stay-at-home moms that embrace the concept of the Traveling Vineyard business because it presents options for people to make extra income even if they already have a job.

How Traveling Vineyard Works

Traveling Vineyard sells wine through its vast network of independent Wine Guides who are located throughout the United States. Wine Guides host free wine tasting parties in people’s homes where everyone gets to sample some of the wines that Traveling Vineyard supplies. At the end of the party, the Wine Guide provides a form for people to purchase the wines they like and it is delivered to their homes.

Being a Wine Guide is perfect for those who want to operate a home-based business where they set their own hours and schedule. They are also supported by Traveling Vineyard through wine education, training, and opportunities to grow their business. Traveling Vineyard doesn’t set a minimum for monthly orders for any of the Wine Guides so they truly are free to operate their business as they see fit and their hours allow.

Traveling Vineyard offers a wide variety of wines. Among their many offerings of brands is Tanglerose Backyard Red, Calamity Sue, a Bella Mente Pinot Grigio 2015, and a 2015 Ibrido Manzoni Bianco. The types of wine run the gamut from Riesling, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Sauvignon blanc, and to many others.

Traveling Vineyard maintains an active social presence on Facebook where they feature their Wine Guides and articles about wine. In a recent article, they offered their choices for the top 8 wines that match the March Madness Elite Eight college basketball tournament. Another post featured a Wine Guide who paid for her entire family of four’s trip to Jamaica.

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