Securus Technologies Modernizing the Corrections Space With Advanced Correctional Technologies

Securus Technologies has been working to modernize the corrections space for many years and has contributed significantly in that direction. One of the technologies that the company recently developed is the wireless containment system that would ensure that the contraband phones are not allowed to use inside the prison.

Having a contraband phone inside the prison is a crime and even after the enormous efforts and security measures implemented by the correctional agencies, the inmates continue to get and use the contraband phones. It has become difficult for the correctional agencies to put a complete end to the use of contraband phones in the prison as there are many different routes through which these phones make their way inside the prison. The prevalent corruption in the prison facilities has made it easier for the inmates to get their hand on the contraband phones. The inmates who have resources and funds to shell out ensure that they use the money they have to get the facilities they want illegally, which includes the use of contraband phones. The communication made through the contraband phone is not recorded, tracked or monitored, and it is one of the reasons why inmates prefer to use the contraband phones.

Securus Technologies, a correctional firm that has years of experience in the prison technology design, development, and manufacturing, is the first company ever to develop the wireless containment system. Securus Technologies has won many awards over the years in the correctional field for developing advanced criminal justice technologies. Securus Technologies has put in years of research into developing the wireless containment system. The wireless containment system is an advanced technology developed by the company to completely eliminate the use of contraband phones inside the prison facilities. It works in a very simple fashion by making a virtual network around and over the correctional facility and ensuring that no illegal or unauthorized communication passes through.

Securus Technologies is also known for its award-winning customer service. The primary aim of the company is to ensure safety and security for inmates and the correctional officers. The corrections ecosystem has been greatly influenced and secured with the help of the criminal justice technology provided by the Securus Technologies. At present, eight of the prison facilities that are served by the Securus Technologies use the wireless containment system. In the test run of the wireless containment system, the new technology helped stop over 1.7 million illegal communication attempts. It is a huge leap from the previous situation that the correctional facilities faced. Now, the use of contraband phones can be greatly limited with the help of the wireless containment system. It would contribute greatly to keeping the correctional facilities safe. As the wireless containment system has been developed using the intel provided by some of the ex-correctional officers, the technology is full-proof and ready for the future.

Securus Technologies’ Customers Praise Securus Services

CEO and President of Securus Technologies, Rick Smith has stated on more than one occasion that the research and development team at Securus improves or invents technology weekly. Judging by the hundreds of positive emails that Securus Technologies receives weekly regarding their safety and security features, Securus is doing something right. The emails that Securus has been receiving highlight the use of the voice recognition software for tracking suspicious phone calls, or phone calls from the same person to multiple individuals usually resulting in crime prevention and persecution.


Another subject receiving praise are the Securus customer service representatives. The customer service reps for Securus quickly and efficiently assist facilities and law enforcement officials providing information and evidence in official cases. Mr. Smith has invited customers and competitors alike to come visit their state of the art customer service representative call center that has been newly built.


Securus Technologies is headquartered with their new facility in Dallas, Texas. Securus provides safety and security to over 3400 facilities and services to 1,200,000 incarcerated inmates. Securus specializes in information management, incident management, investigation, biometric analysis, emergency response, public information, and inmate self service. To read more about Securus Technologies and their services offered, please click here.


Clients Speak Out on The Power of Securus Technologies Solution

Securus Technologies is a very interesting company. I first learned about them through an article that highlighted some testimonials from some of their clients. The testimonials were incredibly positive and they told of specific instances in which Securus had helped the prison or correctional facility succeed in banning or finding illegal activity within their walls.


For example, one client of Securus Technologies wrote in to say that thanks to their mobile tracking technology a Sheriff’s office was able to locate and recover over $1 million in stolen money, drugs and other stolen items. Another client wrote in to thank Securus for helping them create a safer environment within their prison as well as state that they had utilized Securus Technologies for over a decade and were incredibly pleased with the technology and the customer service they receive. Another person wrote in to say that Securus Technologies’ mobile monitoring service allowed them to monitor a call where an inmate was speaking to his brother. The inmate was attempting to coerce his brother into providing a false alibi for him. Once the call was recorded, it was provided to the inmate’s prosecutor as evidence to be used successfully at his trial.


Securus Technologies is led by CEO Rick Smith. Smith is an innovator in the technology industry and has fearlessly pushed Securus to become the leader in inmate security technology. The company is constantly pushing itself to become a leader, including creating a new technology each and every week in order to stay ahead of the curve.


Securus is headquartered in Dallas, Texas where it employs over 1,000 people between its headquarters and its multiple satellite offices throughout the country. They are known to be in contract with over 2,200 prison and correctional facilities to provide technology that includes things like their “Cell Defender” program and their Wireless Containment Solution.


Securus: A Shining Example Of Business Done Right

Securus Technologies is an example of an American company choosing to do good. As a correctional facility telecommunications company, Securus is in a position to take advantage of its position. Government contracts give the company exclusive rights over more than 3,000 correctional facilities across the country. With no competition over these facilities, the company could choose to fix prices to line their pockets. Instead, they reinvest to make our communities safer.


Securus has reinvested over $600 million. One of its most impressive investments is in a customer care call center. There are always people on staff at the call center, wait times are minimal and they take care of problems within one phone call. This makes them the top company in the industry for inmates and their families.


This ready access to telecommunication services is actually very important. It reduces the chance of a convict re-entering a world of crime when released from prison. Global Tel Link, Securus’s biggest competitor, jacks rates so high that it is difficult for many prisoners to afford phone calls. This reduces contact with friends and family, and it increases recidivism rates.


Securus is also accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Accreditation is voluntary and the BBB scrutinizes the company over ethics, prices, honesty and customer treatment. Securus also holds an A+ rating with the BBB on top of accreditation.


The company’s technologies are easy to use. It was one of the first companies to introduce video chat software. A friend or loved simply need to sign in to a Securus account and request a video chat time. After approval, both parties simply sign back into their accounts to start the chat. This is just one of the great innovations from Securus that brings inmates closer to their loved ones. Again, this is good for society as it reduces recidivism.


Criminals Behind Bars Caught With Innovative Technology From Securus

While prison and jail officials have always known that Securus Technologies provided reliable inmate telephone service, they are discovering that the company’s technology also can prevent crimes in their facilities. After reviewing the letters and emails that they received, Securus released a few examples of how correctional facilities were using their technology to make their facility safer for the inmates and the guards.


Several officials mentioned that monitoring inmate’s telephone calls alerted them to contraband in the facility, including drug sales and drug use. In one instance, a prison employee was caught smuggling the contraband into the facility. Inmates do not stop talking on the telephone about the crimes that they are committing inside of the prison, which makes the officials’ jobs easier, since Securus has advanced monitoring technology. In another instance, a monitored phone conversation revealed an inmate’s discussion with family members that included a coaching session for a witness.


Securus’ Secure Call Platform offers inmates the ability to connect with their families, however, the solution offers corrections officials the opportunity to do live monitoring, set up covert alerts and spot specific keywords in calls. Securus keeps its correctional facility customers updated with the latest innovative technology with system updates as needed as well.



Securus Provides Solutions to Correctional Facility Problems

Staff corruption, widespread contraband, and criminal plans are the stuff of nightmares for justice professionals who must deal with the life and death ramifications of such activity behind bars. In the field of justice technological solutions, Securus stands out, and recent comments from their customers indicate they are vital to the mitigation of all the familiar scenarios listed above.


Those who work in incarcerations and similar environments know that physical access control is only a portion of the battle. In addition to keeping inmates in, staff tasked with the responsibility of maintaining a safe environment for everyone and preventing further crimes from being committed by inmates. It is a tall order in a difficult field.


Rick Smith, CEO of Securus Technologies, is proud of the work his team has accomplished and with the satisfaction of his customers. “Building safety into what we do is part of our DNA – and that is an honor for us to protect and serve,” he said recently when the technology company published recent customer reviews and comments.


In a long list of positive notes, customers praise Securus’ vision and assessment abilities, progressive innovation, and real-life contributions to prosecution based on various monitoring programs. Securus’ reputation allows law enforcement to place confidence in testimony and evidence based on Securus technology.


In a spirit of open cooperation towards shared goals, Securus Technologies has also issued a statement welcoming any facility customers or prospective investors to an onsite presentation in Dallas, TX regarding prevention and resolution of crimes.