GreenSky growth surges as company surpasses 17,000 retail partners

GreenSky Credit has become one of the fastest-growing and successful companies within the world of fintech. Founded in 2006 by prodigious entrepreneur David Zalik, GreenSky has grown into what is perhaps the largest retail lender for instant point-of-sale loans. The company has expanded to more than 17,000 retail partners, with everyone from contractors to dentists’ offices pitching its loans. And this has translated into a company that now underwrites more than $5 billion in new loans each year.

Keeping it simple and profitable

As an entrepreneur who has been in business for himself since the age of 14, David Zalik was never one to be drawn into the whirlwind of Silicon Valley trends and shibboleths. The founder of GreenSky has famously quipped that the best reason to never give a tech startup $30 million is so that it doesn’t have $30 million to waste. True to his word, Zalik has eschewed almost all of the trappings of trendy Silicon Valley startup culture. In the GreenSky corporate headquarters, you won’t find beanbag chairs, foosball tables or beer dispensers. But you will find one of the most serious retail credit operations in the country.

And this avoidance of techy pretension isn’t just skin deep at GreenSky. From the beginning, Zalik did almost the opposite of what every other fintech startup was doing. He immediately made the decision to go only for the strongest borrowers, unlike competitors OnDeck and Lending Club, who attempted to make gold out of the dross of NINJA applicants. Zalik was keen enough to know that by going with the highest-end borrowers, pitching the company’s business model to some of the nation’s top lenders would be all but a lock. He understood that once lenders saw that they could easily pad their books with hundreds of millions of dollars in additional prime loans each year, they would jump at the opportunity to partner with GreenSky.

And this is exactly how the company has found so much success. The company is able to make 6 percent of the principal amount from its retail partners while also getting a 1 percent carrying fee from its lending partners. And when everyone is making so much money, there aren’t many complaints.

Alex Pall: From Museum to Music

As one half of the DJ/Producer duo the Chainsmokers, Alex Pall has been enjoying a notable level of success on recent years. After he and band mare Drew Taggart made their 2014 live debut, they began releasing music in every format they can. Having released several EP’s and a full-length album, the Chainsmokers still give away new singles to their fans through the Chainsmokers’ website on a regular basis. Indeed, many of their releases over the years have been free singles, giving the band a reputation for constantly making new music.

The two met in 2012 when introduced by mutual friend and band manager Adam Alpert, who knew that Pall needed a partner for his two-person band and feeling like Taggart would be a perfect fit. The two hit it off from the first moment, and soon enough both of them were the Chainsmokers.

After their debut a couple of years after forming, Pall and Taggart began releasing EPs and singles. After a couple of EPs and several singles, they released their first full-length album, “Memories…Do Not Open.” “Memories” was a huge hit and put the Chainsmokers on the musical map.

They followed it up with a couple of more EPs and many singles. The most recent of their singles is a song called “Side Effects”, featuring vocals by long-time friend and collaborator Emily Warren. The song is a funky, disco-influenced song called by Pall and Taggart a “summer banger.”



The Chainsmokers play live shows when and wherever they can, often travelling the country and Canada. They say they have a really good relationship with Canadian fans, who they say tend to have a high level of positive energy at every show, no matter where in that country they are playing.

The duo have stepped out from behind the DJ tables, bringing in live instruments into their performances. Taggart has also done vocals for some of their songs, and over the past year he has worked hard to become stage-confident and says he now has fun singing for an audience. They also say a drummer adds a lot.

Talk Fusion CEO Offers Insight in New HuffPost Contributions

As global news publication HuffPost works on a complete overhaul of its branding, it has included two recent articles from Talk Fusion CEO Bob Reina that reflect a similar message of staying innovative. The new vision of HuffPost includes reporting on events and individuals that do not receive much exposure in other media outlets. Talk Fusion and Bob Reina share a similar objective in their far-reaching marketing services, making the contributions from Reina a natural Fit.


Talk Fusion’s CEO has been offering knowledge and expertise of his own to HuffPost since 2016. His articles primarily focus on the realm of marketing and video communications technology, as well as how the two topics can work together for businesses. Bob Reina also offers insight on how to build personal skills and nurture talent in order to make a positive and lucrative impact on the business community.


As the two entities focus on expansion in the future, Reina hopes to continue offering contributions to HuffPost in an effort to educate others about intelligent marketing. Talk Fusion is well-known for offering inspirational ideas to both associates and clients, making Reina hopeful that the same level of motivation can be extended to the millions of HuffPost readers who live around the world.


Talk Fusion is an innovative marketing solutions provider that focuses on video conferencing and video email. Clients of Talk Fusion are able to choose different products that suit their individuals needs, including a video marketing suite of all Talk Fusion products currently available. These services are backed up by professional client support from the Talk Fusion team that is available around the clock.


The idea behind Talk Fusion related to working with and directly helping others is what helps CEO Bob Reina and his team to keep the company constantly moving forward. Talk Fusion firmly believes in the effectiveness of its products and will let prospective clients experience a 30-day trial of the products. Each IT professional and other associates on the Talk Fusion continually enhance the software and develop updates to keep the entire suite of products ahead of the technological curve. Learn more: