A Glance at the Life of Businessman and Billionaire Hussain Sajwani

Judging from his appearance, it is easy to dismiss Hussain Sajwani as any other ordinary businessman until you learn that he not only owns a business empire but is also one of the most prosperous Arabs in the world. Born in 1952, Hussain can also be referred to as the founding father of Dubai’s real estate sector as he is one of the earliest people to venture into the industry through DAMAC properties. However, it is vital to note, that even though today he is one of the world billionaires with a net worth of 1.4 billion, Hussain came from a humble middle-class family.

Hussain’s father owned and worked in a watch and pen store while his mother would purchase fabric from a wholesale market and hawk it to local ladies. It is through his parents that Hussain Sajwani first learned the art of entrepreneurship. He further perfected this by attending the University of Washington to study for an Economics and Engineering degree in addition to working for Abu Dhabi’s gas industries, finance department.

Soon after completing his studies in 1982, Hussain Sajwani went ahead to put the skills he had earned from his parents, at school and from working at Abu Dhabi gas industries by setting up his business in the catering arena. Given his rich business backdrop, his catering venture was undoubtedly destined for success, and just two years after its inception, it had customers from all over the world, including the US military.

After a few years in this arena, Hussain shifted his focus to real estate and established DAMAC properties. Since then, he has never looked back and continues to expand his empire in every dawn. Furthermore, Hussain owns a long string of businesses such as ZDICO invets, Al Jazeira services Co SAOG, Nine Elms property limited, AYKON Maldives resort and many others.

DAMAC properties itself is doing remarkably well having a development portfolio of 44,000 units, and has delivered over 19000 housing projects. Additionally, it has been the force behind some of the most renowned projects in the world such as the Tiger Woods golf course. It is as a result of such achievements that Hussain Sajwani was last year listed among the 100 most globally influential Arabs. Hussain is a good friend of Donald Trump, and apart from being a personal friend, he is a business partner to the current President of the United States of America.

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The Success Story of Jim Toner

As a real estate investor, Jim Toner has acquired major successes since the beginning of his career. Besides focusing on developing his career, Jim has also striven to help other people build their jobs. He has gained a lot of fame form his ability to coach other people on investments and the most lucrative opportunities in the market. Jim Toner is also known for Creating Wealth 101 system. He is a true leader that leads by example, and he has guided people on the various ways they can create wealth to make more profits. Through his counsel, Jim has seen many people improve their business strategies for the acquisition of maximum benefits.

According to the successful real estate investor, self-assessment is key to achieving success in one’s career. He encourages investors to ensure that they evaluate their ways to discover whether they have met their objectives or not. He believes that goals that are left unaccomplished serve as a negative sign towards one’s career. Additionally, he thinks that entrepreneurs that trust in themselves fall higher chances of succeeding in their career compared to those that do not. He further insists that every investor that is passionate about accomplishing their goals must not hold themselves back, but rather put effort towards achieving their set plans.

Additionally, according to Medium.com, Jim Toner encourages entrepreneurs to ensure that they manage their time well. He helps them not to spend most of their time on Facebook, and if they have to do so, they must ensure that they use in for the benefit of their businesses through marketing and advertising. Besides, Jim Toner believes that the field of business and investment always has challenges that may affect one’s attitude. He believes that entrepreneurs who are strong enough to overcome these challenges fall higher chances of being successful. Many people that have taken heed to the counsel of Jim Toner have experienced positive results in their businesses. A vast number of individuals have accredited him for his ability to share his thoughts with them, with the aim of helping them grow professionally. Jim Toner continues to share ideas with other entrepreneurs, and he also strives to acquire new ideas from others.

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Hussain Sajwani is a Real Estate Development Maverick

Hussain Ali Habib Sajwani, the founder of the DAMAC Properties Group, is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The company was established in 2002 and its headquarters are based in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates. The company is involved in real estate development, specifically commercial, leisure and residential properties, as well as other real estate ventures. The companies based their business model on three goals including pay for property up front rather than mortgage it, never transfer funds from one account to another and keep cash reserves in government bonds or fixed deposit accounts.


Sajwani got his start in the business world in the food industry. During Operation Desert Storm, the company provided food service to the United States Army. DAMAC worked with American military forces all around the globe, as well as for major American corporations such as Bechtel. Even though DAMAC is heavily involved in the real estate industry, the company is still involved in the food service industry. The association serves to remind everyone of Sajwani’s very first business venture. He took the lateral side step to real estate when he calculated he could make a better profit in real estate than he could in food. He learned a valuable lesson in business early on when he realized it is important to cultivate associates and friends in high places on a national and international scale.


Sajwani finds he retreats to that all important lesson in whatever he does in life. He has developed a working relationship with President Donald Trump of the United States and embarked on a joint venture with the President. The two collaborated on Trump International Golf Club and hopes to continue his association with Trump. Sajwani is also embarking on a business association with Trump’s three oldest children – Donald, Jr., Ivanka and Eric. Sajwani has already done business with the three younger Trumps and find they support the Trump brand very well. The Trumps are dedicated to the preservation of the Trump name and all it stands for. Hussain Sajwani has business ties to other International political partners in addition to the Trump Organization. Learn more: https://www.linkedin.com/in/hussainsajwani