Jennifer Walden: The Face of Texas’ Medical-Aesthetics Revolution

Medical aesthetics has changed people’s lives for the better by giving people more confidence in themselves. Some procedures are invasive while others are minimally invasive. Cosmetic surgeons do their absolute best to produce the best possible work. If you’re extremely hip to what’s going on in this exclusive field, then you’ve probably heard about Jennifer Walden. Jennifer Walden just so happens to be one of the more sought-after female cosmetic surgeons in the Southeast. This lovely surgeon’s photos have been printed in many of today’s most popular publications, including:

  • Health
  • Texas MD Magazine
  • Self
  • VIVE
  • Austin MD Magazine
  • Bridal Guide
  • The New York Sun
  • And more

Dr. Jennifer Walden also gets a lot of credit for being the co-author of an award-winning book. This book offers the ins and outs of what cosmetic surgery is really about, and it’s known as “Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.” This particular book has created a loyal fanbase. Dr. Walden also teaches other cosmetic surgeons at national conventions. She is the ultimate spokeswoman to say the least, but she enjoys helping other like-minded professionals. Walden has taught newer techniques via some of today’s most advanced technologies. This includes ThermiVa, DiVa and HALO Hybrid Laser technologies.

This mother of twin boys is living the good life these days, but thanks to her strong passion, her best days are still ahead of her. All in all, this is why Dr. Jennifer Walden is the face of Texas’ medical-aesthetics revolution.

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Dr. Mark McKenna- An entreprenuer and founder of OVME app

Whether entrepreneurs are made or born is a factor that we might have to study closely and learn by talking to actual entrepreneurs who have excelled as entrepreneurs. One entrepreneur known as Dr. Mark McKenna believes that he was born an entrepreneur. The innate attributes that he had of an entrepreneur combined with the environment that he was brought up around are the reasons he is a successful businessman. His parents were in self-employment, and he saw the way they managed their businesses, and he was motivated to do something about his life as well. His parents were successful businesspeople, and therefore they set the best example that he would have learned from.

His father was a private surgeon and has established his clinic while his mother had a publishing company. They instilled the entrepreneurial spirit in him. Now he is no longer thinks about life as an employee. All Dr. Mark McKenna knows is that he deserves to be an employer running his businesses.

Dr. Mark McKenna is a self-made entrepreneur. No one ever trained him on how to manage a business. He never attended any school to learn anything about nosiness management. Everything he has been doing is a result of his personal initiative to excel.

When he was starting his forays in the business sector, he first created a real estate company despite being a doctor. The business was a total success and was one of the biggest real estate companies in New Orleans. Unfortunately, this did not happen for a long time since in 2005; there was hurricane Katrina which struck New Orleans and brought to an end everything that he had. His real estate establishments were brought to the ground and he was forced to build his oli9fe afresh. It is at this point that he came up with a decision to go back to the medical industry and establish a strong business.

Dr. Mark McKenna built a company known as OVME which is all about offering medical services in a better way. He has employed the latest technology to make medicals services available to the patients. Anyone can get a doctor of his or her choice by using mobile apps which allow them to talk to the doctor.