Alex Pall: From Museum to Music

As one half of the DJ/Producer duo the Chainsmokers, Alex Pall has been enjoying a notable level of success on recent years. After he and band mare Drew Taggart made their 2014 live debut, they began releasing music in every format they can. Having released several EP’s and a full-length album, the Chainsmokers still give away new singles to their fans through the Chainsmokers’ website on a regular basis. Indeed, many of their releases over the years have been free singles, giving the band a reputation for constantly making new music.

The two met in 2012 when introduced by mutual friend and band manager Adam Alpert, who knew that Pall needed a partner for his two-person band and feeling like Taggart would be a perfect fit. The two hit it off from the first moment, and soon enough both of them were the Chainsmokers.

After their debut a couple of years after forming, Pall and Taggart began releasing EPs and singles. After a couple of EPs and several singles, they released their first full-length album, “Memories…Do Not Open.” “Memories” was a huge hit and put the Chainsmokers on the musical map.

They followed it up with a couple of more EPs and many singles. The most recent of their singles is a song called “Side Effects”, featuring vocals by long-time friend and collaborator Emily Warren. The song is a funky, disco-influenced song called by Pall and Taggart a “summer banger.”



The Chainsmokers play live shows when and wherever they can, often travelling the country and Canada. They say they have a really good relationship with Canadian fans, who they say tend to have a high level of positive energy at every show, no matter where in that country they are playing.

The duo have stepped out from behind the DJ tables, bringing in live instruments into their performances. Taggart has also done vocals for some of their songs, and over the past year he has worked hard to become stage-confident and says he now has fun singing for an audience. They also say a drummer adds a lot.

Lori Senecal: A Management Genius with Excellent Organizational Skills

When Lori Senecal stepped down as the global chief executive officer of Crispin Porter + Bogusky in December 2017, it marked an end to a remarkable two years in the company’s history. Appointed in a role specially created for her by the MDC Partners’ agency, Lori Senecal tenure was marked by remarkable success. Through her excellent management and organizational skills, she managed to put the company on the global marketing map with the 2015 landing of American Airlines a few months into her role as one of the highlights of her career at the company.


For a quarter-century, the airline had worked with TM Advertising as its advertising and marketing agency. However, Senecal’s excellent marketing skills and nimbleness with corporate negotiations and management saw the airline switch over to Crispin Porter + Bogusky. She also oversaw the company’s growth into a global entity by spearheading its corporate restructuring to ensure a smooth transition. Through her excellent leadership, highly talented, experienced and passionate individuals such as Danielle Aldrich have already been promoted to take over the corporate governance of the company.


Success Born Out of Gymnastics Coaching


Lori Senecal’s success as a marketer with specialization in innovative technology is born out of her intense passion for helping others excel as a gymnastics coach. From an early age, Lori had a strong desire to participate in gymnastics, but she could not pursue her dreams because of her height. Undeterred, she took up coaching gymnasts which formed a solid foundation for her excellent leadership skills marked by goal setting, planning, excellent communication etiquette and consistency to purpose. Check out



Upon graduation, Senecal went on to successfully built a career as leading marketing for some of the leading companies in the marketing industry globally including McCann Erickson, Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal, and Crispin Porter + Bogusky. A bilingual who is fluent in English and French, Senecal has worked on ad campaigns for some of the leading brands including Coca-Cola, HomeGoods, Xbox, BMW and American Express. She credits her successes to her ability to remain focused, think clearly and deep understanding of businesses and brands she works with.


Education and Career Background


Lori Senecal is a multi-skilled and multitalented marketer with unrivaled ability to develop innovative ad campaigns. She is an integrated, digital, mobile, social media and interactive marketing specialist with a Bachelor of Commerce degree from McGill University. She also has excellent brand architecture, e-commerce and entrepreneurship skills. She co-founded McCann Erickson in 2003 and served McCann Workgroup’s global chief innovation officer between 2006 and 2007. Before joining CP+B, she served Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal + Partners in various high profile executive positions. She recently spoke at 3% conference.


Clay Houston Road to Success in the Music Industry

Unlike any other, Clay Houston puts into considerations his thoughts and feelings when coming up with ‘the next big thing’ in the music industry. His style has enabled him to reach out to the audience with a unique, beautiful, and incredible performance every time. On the other hand, he put in extra hours to ensure that he meets the targets. In a recent interview, we sought to know more about his career and his development as an artist. In respect to his company, he attributed its foundation to the fact that he had a lot of exposure and experience with live entertainment. On the other hand, he has featured and participated in tour production. Having spent several years in the industry and acquiring skills from every role he played, he saw it prudent to channel his experience to a personal venture. Additionally, the recession brought instabilities to the company where he worked. As a result, he thought it to be wise to venture into a private business


According to Clay, he spends most of his days running the floor as a stage manager. The jobs require that he arrive at the venue before anyone. As a result, he rises early and goes through the schedule. Later on, he creates a storage plan and comes up with a list detailing the actions of the crew for that particular event. Business productivity rest by a significant percentage, with the activities of the stage manager. As a result, he must guide the crew for a successful event. As for the ideas, past experiences enables him to have a broader perspective. However, a lot of work goes into making plans work.

Drama is just among the trends that Clay appreciates. He understands that the audience needs a piece of it to enjoy and have a thrilling event. Working three steps ahead always keeps him away from unfortunate surprises. It also guarantees productivity. Clay would tell the young version of himself to keep family first. According to Clay, those individuals with a positive outlook on life aren’t always the best. He would rather have an expert than an individual who fits with the crowd.


Clay Houston works as a live sound engineer and manager. Over the years, he has worked in several roles that pioneered his private venture. After graduating with a Master’s in business administration, Clay joined Getagrip Touring and took up the role of production manager in 1999. In the capacity of production manager, he has worked for Prince and Jennifer Nettles. Over the years Clay Hutson has worked with the likes of Kanye West, Kid Rock, Pink, Guns N’ Roses among many other artists. Learn more: