The Life of Jeremy Goldstein

It is the responsibility of the prominent people in the society to help the minority of the individuals live a dignified life.

Jeremy Goldstein is a charitable attorney and has been serving as a Fountain House board member for almost a decade now. He is an active member and is currently organizing a food and wine dinner to support the house.

The Fountain House is a foundation that assists the individuals living with mental illness. This is an issue that needs to be addressed worldwide. According to statistics, the people living with mental illness around the world is 450 million. The people suffering from the ailment does not get the chance to complete school or get jobs, and, therefore, they make up 95 % of the homeless people. Learn more about Jeremy Goldstein: and

The Fountain House began with a membership of six people. Today, the groups have multiple offices in different states around the world and have more than 100000 members. They work to ensure that the members have a healthy lifestyle. This is by partnering with individuals who offer fitness programs and offering 40000 healthy meals to the member annually.

The Fountain House also ensures that the members of the organization acquire education, regardless of the level they dropped out before the ailment struck. The Fountain House goes a step ahead to help the members with a job application. They also ensure that 500 members of the Foundation House get settlements at New York.

Besides the successful humanitarian work, he is also a career man. Jeremy Goldstein is a successful law attorney. Goldstein is committed to ensuring that his clients get the best legal advice. His firm helps solve the dilemma of the CEO’s, Management teams, among other executives.

Jeremy Goldstein says that there are no shortcuts in the business. There have to be multiple negotiations and meetings. The important thing is he is good at what he does.