Clayton Hutson Talks about His Success in the Music Industry

To be a part of the music industry, you must not necessarily be a singer. The music sector is quite demanding, and musicians and artists cannot handle everything on their own. For instance, a musician may need assistance with event organizing among other categories of work. With that said, Clayton Hutson decided to seize the opportunity that was present regarding helping out musicians to coordinate stuff that is related to their careers.

About Clay Hutson

Clayton Hutson is well known for the provision of services that are of great value to event organizers and musicians. Before Clayton Hutson decided to venture into the music industry, he decided to first undertake a course in Theater design. After completing his studies, he was accorded the title of being referred to as a sound engineer. Afterwards, Clayton Hutson decided to seek employment, and he even landed a job as a project manager in the music sector at some point in his life. B working in the various organizations that took him in, Clayton Hutson was able to garner the necessary skills that would eventually prove to be worthwhile as he decided to go solo and come up with his firm.

Hutson’s Business

Since Clayton Hutson successfully launched his firm that dealt with the production, management, and the design of concerts, he was able to put the skills that he had gained over the years to good use. Additionally, due to the quality services that his firm delivers, Clayton Hutson has worked with renowned music artists such as Kid Rock, Pink, and even Guns N’ Roses.

Additional Information

Clayton Hutson’s portfolio is quite expansive since he has been taking part in world tours such as the one referred to as “Bleed Like Me” that took place in 2005. The “Bleed Like Me” tour involved a band known as Garbage. Hutson took part in the world tour as the monitor engineer and the band famously known as Garbage was able to perform in Australia, Europe, and North America. Additionally, Clayton Hutson was able to work with the band known as OneRepublic. While working with OneRepublic, Clayton Hutson played a major role in the “Honda Civic Tour.” The tour was a success and the OneRepublic band successfully performed in North America and Asia. From the look of his career, Hutson is definitely a role model for upcoming project managers and team leaders. He is also a skilled tour manager who is has a great impact on musician’s lives.

Alex Pall: From Museum to Music

As one half of the DJ/Producer duo the Chainsmokers, Alex Pall has been enjoying a notable level of success on recent years. After he and band mare Drew Taggart made their 2014 live debut, they began releasing music in every format they can. Having released several EP’s and a full-length album, the Chainsmokers still give away new singles to their fans through the Chainsmokers’ website on a regular basis. Indeed, many of their releases over the years have been free singles, giving the band a reputation for constantly making new music.

The two met in 2012 when introduced by mutual friend and band manager Adam Alpert, who knew that Pall needed a partner for his two-person band and feeling like Taggart would be a perfect fit. The two hit it off from the first moment, and soon enough both of them were the Chainsmokers.

After their debut a couple of years after forming, Pall and Taggart began releasing EPs and singles. After a couple of EPs and several singles, they released their first full-length album, “Memories…Do Not Open.” “Memories” was a huge hit and put the Chainsmokers on the musical map.

They followed it up with a couple of more EPs and many singles. The most recent of their singles is a song called “Side Effects”, featuring vocals by long-time friend and collaborator Emily Warren. The song is a funky, disco-influenced song called by Pall and Taggart a “summer banger.”



The Chainsmokers play live shows when and wherever they can, often travelling the country and Canada. They say they have a really good relationship with Canadian fans, who they say tend to have a high level of positive energy at every show, no matter where in that country they are playing.

The duo have stepped out from behind the DJ tables, bringing in live instruments into their performances. Taggart has also done vocals for some of their songs, and over the past year he has worked hard to become stage-confident and says he now has fun singing for an audience. They also say a drummer adds a lot.