Clay Houston Road to Success in the Music Industry

Unlike any other, Clay Houston puts into considerations his thoughts and feelings when coming up with ‘the next big thing’ in the music industry. His style has enabled him to reach out to the audience with a unique, beautiful, and incredible performance every time. On the other hand, he put in extra hours to ensure that he meets the targets. In a recent interview, we sought to know more about his career and his development as an artist. In respect to his company, he attributed its foundation to the fact that he had a lot of exposure and experience with live entertainment. On the other hand, he has featured and participated in tour production. Having spent several years in the industry and acquiring skills from every role he played, he saw it prudent to channel his experience to a personal venture. Additionally, the recession brought instabilities to the company where he worked. As a result, he thought it to be wise to venture into a private business


According to Clay, he spends most of his days running the floor as a stage manager. The jobs require that he arrive at the venue before anyone. As a result, he rises early and goes through the schedule. Later on, he creates a storage plan and comes up with a list detailing the actions of the crew for that particular event. Business productivity rest by a significant percentage, with the activities of the stage manager. As a result, he must guide the crew for a successful event. As for the ideas, past experiences enables him to have a broader perspective. However, a lot of work goes into making plans work.

Drama is just among the trends that Clay appreciates. He understands that the audience needs a piece of it to enjoy and have a thrilling event. Working three steps ahead always keeps him away from unfortunate surprises. It also guarantees productivity. Clay would tell the young version of himself to keep family first. According to Clay, those individuals with a positive outlook on life aren’t always the best. He would rather have an expert than an individual who fits with the crowd.


Clay Houston works as a live sound engineer and manager. Over the years, he has worked in several roles that pioneered his private venture. After graduating with a Master’s in business administration, Clay joined Getagrip Touring and took up the role of production manager in 1999. In the capacity of production manager, he has worked for Prince and Jennifer Nettles. Over the years Clay Hutson has worked with the likes of Kanye West, Kid Rock, Pink, Guns N’ Roses among many other artists. Learn more: