Tim Duncan of Talos Energy

Tim Duncan, chief executive of Talos Energy, does not bother wasting time with onshore oil or natural gas fields; Instead, Tim Duncan searches for locations in the waters off the Gulf Coast to pursue a riskier, yet more rewarding challenge.

In 2017, as Hurricane Harvey ripped its way through the south-central region’s of Texas and the city of Houston, Tim was right in the thick of a drawn-out negotiation for the merger of Talos Energy with the public, albeit failing, Stone Energy. The $2.5 billion mergers would never have gone smoothly, but it became more challenging as the flood waters began to rise in the neighborhood of Kingwood.

Knowing that the storm could not become an excuse for failure on his part, Tim carried his wife, son, and pets to a nearby FEMA rescue boat. Now that his family was safe from Hurricane Harvey’s rising waters, Tim could refocus on the task at hand from the comfort of his mother’s dining room. It would be right there at his parents home in a high and dry location in Houston, where Tim would finalize negotiations on the merger.

In May, the two companies would officially come together as stockholders would see the new ticker, TALO. Since the new company began drilling in the Gulf, they have produced nearly 48,000 barrels of oil and natural gas a day, but they expect to do far more than that in the future. It may seem like a frightening task to take on a company nearly as big as your own, and one that is faltering at that, but again, Tim Duncan has never been one to pass up an opportunity. Seeing the low-risk balance figures for Stone Energy gave Tim the confidence he needed to make the merge happen.

Though Stone has a massive debt of $700 million, they show an impressive $2.3 billion in assets. Equity shareholders can find comfort in the history of Talos Energy and Tim Duncan purchasing and rebuilding failing companies similar to their own. Where others have been unable to see a profit, Tim and his team have flourished and thrived.

Southridge Capital: Expanding Financial and Investment Opportunities

Southridge Capital LLC is an investment and banking firm located in the northeast. As a private entity, Southridge Capital specializes in brokerage for securities. They have a few dozen employees and were established in 1996. Equity purchases that the group is involved with often range from one to several million dollars. The large scale of their investments and projects often spearhead industrial growth. Many of their investments have also led to the establishment of more responsible business practices and innovative technology.


CEO Stephen M. Hicks explains how important business development, as well as strategy, have been in recent years. Hicks has an extensive background in risk management, derivatives as well as structuring. These skills in addition to a keen understanding of investment banking have helped him guide the company for the past two decades.


Hicks started the organization while still being part of a previous hedge fund in New York. The idea came to him after a trip overseas and he started his own company upon returning. As a member of the senior management team, Hicks spends time crafting plans for existing investments and looking for new ones. With a small but experienced staff, he encourages promotion from within. Expertise and working knowledge in varied business areas are key to success at Southridge Capital.


As an innovator and strategic investor Hicks has guided Southridge Capital towards enormous success in recent years. Some of the firm’s investments have expanded and led to incredible changes throughout the industry. He has also selected organizations that have insight and unique services to fund. These decisions have been rewarded by consistent growth in relatively short periods of time. Check out bizjournals.com for more.



Southridge Capital LLC has helped pioneer emerging technologies and is an important part of future entrepreneurial growth. With advances in infrastructure and multiple industries around the world, they have established themselves at the forefront of sustainable investment banking. Their corporate identity is exemplary while their guiding principles support change and advancement for a better world economy.



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Why Wall Street Believes in Fortress Investment Group’s Peter Briger

Peter Briger has an excellent reputation and an admired character in the finance industry. He has been an investment and financial advisor for more than a decade and has tremendous achievements in professionalism and leadership. While working as a partner of Goldman Sachs, he became part of several committees including the Asian Management Committee, Global Control & Compliance Committee, and Japan Executive Committee.

His current role at Fortress Investment Group

Peter is the current Board of Directors Co-Chair and the Principal of Fortress Investment Group, LLC. Based in New York City, the company has been offering investment services for more than 15 years. Briger started working at the company in 2002 as the Management Committee member. He then founded the Credit Business Section where he has been the leader. He is managing about 300 employees and oversees all credit investment services.

Together with his team, Peter Briger has fostered numerous ventures including undervalued assets, credit investment, and distress assets, which have been a significant concern for investors over the years. The well-known leader has enabled Fortress Company to rise by building its solid reputation. He also facilitated the company’s public offering, which has yielded better results in its recent performance.

His career before joining Fortress

Briger had already established his career portfolio before joining Fortress Investment Group. He was a member of Princeton University Investment Company Board of Directors. He had also offered his services to Central Park Conservancy and other similar organizations that substantially rely on financial advisers. Peter Briger is also a trained professional who has a degree in Arts, which he attained from the Princeton University. He had also enrolled at Pennsylvania University to get his master’s degree in Business. With the broad knowledge and skills obtained from overseas, he has remained instrumental to several affiliations and companies.

His engagement in philanthropic activities

Apart from having a successful career, Peter Briger is a generous individual who engages in charitable activities. He has associated himself with different charity organizations and events. Peter is currently part of Silicon Valley Council, which manages funds that are meant for children support across the world. He majors in three key areas to offer his support, which includes children, poverty alleviation, and the education sector because of the commitment he has to ensure that the society is a better place than before. Forbes had ranked Peter as one of the top 400 business professionals. Meet Pete Briger: A Titan in the Investment and Finance World

Madison Street Capital advises PPI on its Majority Recapitalization by KJM

Currently, the business world is filled with ups and downs. As a result, surviving in the game has become a bit difficult. Also, competition has been alarming thus making life unbearable for those who can’t handle the reality. However, thanks to the likes of Madison Street Capital, most renowned companies have managed to beat the heavy storms because of its marvelous pieces of advice.


Not long ago, Madison Street capital announced its exclusive involvement in advising Professional Pipe, Inc. Madison guided PPI on the majority recapitalization of its business by KJM Capital, LLC. Just like its name, PPI is a respected company that specializes in designing as well as installing process piping. The piping company gives its top-notch services to manufacturing companies as well as the nation’s largest poultry processors.


PPI has been in the industry since 1972 thus holds all the necessary knowledge. The company began its operations in North Carolina giving services to the textile industry. However, with time, PPI shifted its focus to food processing plants. The news about Madison’s involvement with PPI was disclosed by its CEO, Charles Botchway. However, Charles failed to reveal the terms of the process.


Madison’s advise were highly appreciated at such a great deal. According to PPI’s president, the whole process was long and challenging. However, with the help of Madison, it was a success. According to KJM Capital, the new partnership is a significant milestone and a boost to its journey to lead the industry. Kenneth J. Meister and his partners established KJM Capital. The distinguished company has continued to support businesses by providing operational expertise including accounting/finance and software applications with the intention of improving the business.


About Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital is a Chicago based firm. As its name implies, the firm has the keys to the commercial streets. Today, the firm has a credible reputation around the world. The celebrated firm offers world-class monetary guidance to companies both small and big and has seen many of them succeed significantly. MSC helps companies handle complex transactions, obtain credit, assess businesses, commit to smart investments and merger referring facilities.


The firm’s success is influenced by individuals leading it in a positive direction. Not long ago, its co-founder, Antony Marsala was acknowledged by Proficient Valuators and Analysts for a below forty award. Proficient Valuators is a celebrated platform that recognizes individuals with remarkable achievements such as Marsala.


Two years ago, Madison Street Capital emerged as an award finalist for M&A Advisor honors. The award is an indication that madison street capital reputation is headed in the right direction because M&A rewards only the best of the best professionals in the game. Madison Street Capital is committed to excellence in delivering corporate financial advisory services.


Visit http://www.pr.com/press-release/657365 to learn more.

Buildings Go Up When Boraie Partners With Smart Investors Like Shaq

Shaquille O’Neal is not only a famous NBA player who is now in the Hall of Fame, he is also a smart business man. His mom had hopes that one day someone would come to their hometown city of Newark, New Jersey, and do something to make the city as beautiful as it once was. Shaq made sure that the dream of his mom was made a reality. He partnered with Boraie Development to make plans for a high rise apartment and retail building in downtown Newark. The city just recently celebrated the topping of the building with Shaquille O’neal in attendance.


According to boraie, this completion will open avenues for other buildings in the downtown Newark area. Built near the river, the building has a fantastic view across the Hudson to Manhattan, New York. This newest project that was constructed by Baraie Development sets the pace for many more. Boraie is well known in the state of New Jersey for rebuilding cities. They have done so in Atlantic City, and in New Brunswick. They transform dilapidated buildings into modern state of the art structures. They provide living quarters, retail stores,and recreational buildings as the city deems necessary.


Boraie Development is the real estate experts in urban areas. They focus on every aspect of the urban real estate market. Boraie is a family owned and operated company that has been serving the urban areas for many decades. Sam Boraie is the vice president, and the company’s second generation leader. Although he was met with much skepticism when he brought the Atlantic City project to it’s Chamber of Commerce, the argument for the rebuilding was stronger than any of the oppositions. They built the $81 million dollar project in Atlantic City in hopes of restoring the town back, and even better than it was previously.


Baraie Development gives the cities in which they work accolades for providing them with the support that is needed for these building projects to be successful. Boraie makes a commitment of vision, along with their own capital, and their reliability to each and every project. Their thirty year record speaks for itself. They have a reputation of being the most sought after real estate developers in the New Jersey area. When a Jersey city begans to fall, Boraie Development, LLC is the team to depend on for unmatched service, professionalism, and know how. They can rebuild any urban area. You can visit crunchbase.com for more details.


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Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital is a sole financial advisor with DCG. DCG is currently the software leader when it comes to analytics. CEO Mike Harris has mentioned that the insight of Madison Street Capital and its team are undeniable the backbone to the successful confirmation of the recent merger deal with Spitfire Group. After the merger was completed, the top tiers of the company from both DCG and Spitfire were met with high praise for the excellent staff recruiting with Madison Square Captial. The President of ARES Security Corp., Ben Eazzetta, recognized Madison Street Captial for the due diligence, valued analytics, capital increase, and the successful partnering in the financial department. Madison Street Captial was also recognized for their partnership with HeartSync and a boom in securing their growth capital. Madison Steet Captial rocketed their reputation in the financial advisor industry when they directed a successful sale for WLR Automotive Group; committing to a leaseback transaction of $13.


Madison Street Capital is known for their business value, finance reporting, price management, and the ability to direct their clients without fail. For Madison Steet Capital, the company firmly planted its feet when they conducted a minority equity investment for ARES Security Corp. and WLR Automotive Group praised the swift and smooth deal closing transaction made. Madison Street Captial has received numerous advisor honors awards from M&A Advisors.


Madison Street Capital is an investment firm that has proven its excellent leadership and service among its clients when comes to corporate financial services for not only public businesses but also privately owned businesses. The company is dedicated to quick results and responding as soon as possible. For several years, Madison Street Capital has helped over thousands of clients in various industries to reach their financial growth goals in a specific time span. The experience and understanding that the company possesses with corporate finance is the exact reason as to why they are considered the leading financial advising company globally. With several offices from ranging from North America to Africa and Asia, the company has found a way to provide for the masses on a global scale without folding on their business relationships and mission.


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Madison Street Capital: The Firm Offering Top Tier Financial Services To Their Clients

Madison Street Capital is a company that has a stellar reputation for being one of the top financial companies in the country. The firm is one of the biggest of its kind and offers a range of financial services to its clients. Located in Chicago, the company is known for offering their top class financial advice to clients from not just within the United States, but outside it as well. The Madison Street Capital reputation has always been something that the company and its employees have been proud of, owing to the incredible feedback and customer satisfaction that their clients claim to receive. With numerous offices located in the country, the firm tries its best to be available to as many people as possible, and to provide them with financial services if they need it


The company has some of the best financial advisors working for them, to provide their customers with a highly comprehensive service pool. The advisors working at the firm first begin by analyzing their client’s financials, and then provide them with solutions that fit their needs best. The aim of the company is to grow along with their clients and help them expand their business.


Today, Madison Street Capital has grown beyond what anyone would have ever imagined. The company is not just a prominent financial firm in the United States but also in other parts of the world. Madison Street Capital has offices in Asian and African companies so that they can provide better services to their international clients. Business owners in America are familiar with the fact that regarding financial analysis and advice, Madison Street Capital is the company to go to.


In the past year, Madison Street Capital underwent one of the biggest deals in cyber security. The client that they worked for was Ares Security, and the company wanted someone to take care of their minority recapitalization. Madison Street Capital was able to help them tremendously, helping them understand the steps that they needed to take to secure this and invest properly. The CEO of Ares Security, Charles Botchway personally came forward to thank Madison Street Capital for the incredible contribution that they have had to make Ares Security more financially stable.


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