How A.D. Dolphin Started The Health Supplement Firm Dherbs

Los Angeles based Dherbs, Inc., is a company that helps people revitalize their health through natural living. They offer herbal supplements that take a holistic approach to human health. Organic herbal supplements are becoming increasingly popular with mainstream people who want to cleanse their bodies of the poisons such as heavy metals and air pollution they are subject to on a daily basis.

By cleansing their bodies of these harmful materials on a regular basis they achieve better health, more vitality, and clearer thought. Not all companies in the herbal supplements industry take the approach of this company, though, as they would rather grab the cash and run for lack of a better term. This is why anyone seeking out these types of products should be careful of who they are dealing with.

They were established 14 years ago by A.D Dolphin. He is the grandson of 1950s music legend John Dolphin. He started out striving to be a professional basketball player and spent time playing in Australia’s professional league. He transitioned to being a coach and then sought out more training as a basketball coach once he made his return to the United States. Read more about Dherbs at Wikipedia

He was pretty successful as a coach with 300 players flocking to him in just the first 60 days. He approached each student on an individual basis, teaching them both what they wanted to know and what they needed to know about playing basketball.

During his time as a coach, he learned a lot about health and wellness. He decided to apply this knowledge in 2004 which is when he established Dherbs. He wanted to help people heal, improve their health, and enjoy a better quality of life through the use of herbal supplements. He said that all the members of his family owned their own businesses and he was pretty happy to finally do the same.

The top selling product of his company is its 20 Day Full Body Cleanse. Within a month this program will rid the body of all the toxins, heavy metals, pollution, and possibly infectious agents it picks up. It also helps people release weight, some as much as 30 pounds although of course results vary.

Dherbs started out growing its base of customers by word of mouth. Eventually, they had ads on both radio and TV as well as a website. Today they have celebrities endorsing their products such as Steve Harvey and Brandy.

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