Guilherme Paulus- A Trendsetter In The Tourism Industry

Guilherme Paulus is synonymous with the tourism industry and for all the good reasons. Paulus co-founded the now renowned tour operator CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens. He did this at a young age of 24. During his tenure in leadership, the company has risen to become a force to reckon with in the tour operator industry. In 2009, the company sold 60 percent of its stake to a private equity firm at an estimated cost of $420 million.

In 2005, Paulus founded the now popular and acclaimed GJP Hotels and Resorts. These hotels have a huge market share in Brazil and there is a bid to build more hotels near major airports. These hotels are a major boost to the Brazil economy due to a large number of tourists they attract. The hotels also employ over 5,000 people.

Guilherme Paulus Awards

As one of the most influential business persons in Brazil and beyond, Paulus has received both local and international recognition. In 2012, he received recognition from the French government as a key developer in the tourism sector. The government of Brazil has also acknowledged Paulus and the Viagem e Turismo magazine named him as the “personality of the year. Guilherme Paulus was also listed in Forbes as one of the billionaires, and due to his contribution in the tourism sector in Brazil.

Guilherme Paulus Contribution to the social welfare

Paulus is not just a prestigious entrepreneur, he holds society in high regards and has made significant contributions to the wellbeing of communities and businesses at large. Paulus together with his companies are involved in various projects such as the PIET project which focusses on providing education opportunities to needy and disadvantaged youth. Paulus is also one of the major sponsors of the National Project of Professional Initiation in Tourism. This organization provided hands-on experience to kids and young people interested in the tourism sector. Paulus has also partnered with various institutions in Brazil to donate funds for medical and psychological counseling to needy individuals.

In many of his interviews, Guilherme Paulus has said that it is not just about talent or hard work, but both of these qualities have to be combined for a great success recipe.

Ted Bauman: A Global Authority on Economics

Ted Bauman is a prestigious member of the global economic community. He has solidified him as a beneficial presence on the international stage. Earning his degree in economics and history from the University of Cape Town, Ted Bauman has used this knowledge to build his reputation as an authority. In his role at Banyan Hill publishing, he gives his readers advice on international migration, asset protection, and low-risk investments. His vast readership denotes how accurate and beneficial his articles are for the current economic climate. Ted Bauman recently sat down for an interview with Ideamensch to talk about some of the habits in his life that support his success.

One of the most important things that he discusses is the ability to manage your time properly. He is all too aware of the trap that people can fall into when it comes to managing their time. One of the first things that he does in the morning is start work on the more difficult tasks. Ted Bauman explains that he has noticed that he tends to work harder in the morning. By giving himself more difficult tasks during this time he can be sure that he will successfully complete all of his work throughout the course of a workday. Bauman also wants people to become accountable for their work. He has it set up that he does not engage in any other activities during this time of day when he is most productive. It has worked out very well for him.

Another question that the interviewer wanted to know is what Ted Bauman has spent a hundred dollars on lately that he really enjoys. Bauman cites the purchase of an authentic rice cooker. This rice cooker may seem simple, but he likens it to the advice that he distributes on economics. He can’t imagine his life without it and it was so simple to get. In a lot of ways, he tells the interviewer that he can’t believe he had not taken the plunge to purchase the rice cooker early on in his life. It lets them know that there are still things that he can learn and do, much like his readers.

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GreenSky growth surges as company surpasses 17,000 retail partners

GreenSky Credit has become one of the fastest-growing and successful companies within the world of fintech. Founded in 2006 by prodigious entrepreneur David Zalik, GreenSky has grown into what is perhaps the largest retail lender for instant point-of-sale loans. The company has expanded to more than 17,000 retail partners, with everyone from contractors to dentists’ offices pitching its loans. And this has translated into a company that now underwrites more than $5 billion in new loans each year.

Keeping it simple and profitable

As an entrepreneur who has been in business for himself since the age of 14, David Zalik was never one to be drawn into the whirlwind of Silicon Valley trends and shibboleths. The founder of GreenSky has famously quipped that the best reason to never give a tech startup $30 million is so that it doesn’t have $30 million to waste. True to his word, Zalik has eschewed almost all of the trappings of trendy Silicon Valley startup culture. In the GreenSky corporate headquarters, you won’t find beanbag chairs, foosball tables or beer dispensers. But you will find one of the most serious retail credit operations in the country.

And this avoidance of techy pretension isn’t just skin deep at GreenSky. From the beginning, Zalik did almost the opposite of what every other fintech startup was doing. He immediately made the decision to go only for the strongest borrowers, unlike competitors OnDeck and Lending Club, who attempted to make gold out of the dross of NINJA applicants. Zalik was keen enough to know that by going with the highest-end borrowers, pitching the company’s business model to some of the nation’s top lenders would be all but a lock. He understood that once lenders saw that they could easily pad their books with hundreds of millions of dollars in additional prime loans each year, they would jump at the opportunity to partner with GreenSky.

And this is exactly how the company has found so much success. The company is able to make 6 percent of the principal amount from its retail partners while also getting a 1 percent carrying fee from its lending partners. And when everyone is making so much money, there aren’t many complaints.

Benefiting from Freedom Checks and Trump Bonus Checks

There are so many investment opportunities that are available in the world today. Some are legit others are not. It is upon the investor to pick legit opportunities, and that can create the most income. Some of the legit ideas that you can utilize in 2018 include Freedom Checks and the Trump Bonus Checks. These are systems from legitimate financial experts who want nothing but success for the average investor. Freedom Checks was introduced by Matt Badiali, and Mike Burnick introduced the Trump Bonus Checks. The two systems have no relationship with the government. Any investor who is willing to take up these two should first gather enough information about them before investing. The biggest challenge that faces the investment industry is that people are taking ideas without knowing what they are about, while others are dropping good ideas because they do not want to research and find out for themselves.

Trump Bonus Checks has mainly been promoted among the veterans in the Armed Forces. It is an investment opportunity that presents an opportunity for them to grow and make sure that they benefit from their patriotism. He says that those who will benefit the most are those who have shown patriotism and have served the country with diligence. Whatever this system is all about is something that can bring significant gains. Mike Burnick is an approved investment advisor, and he can guide average investors who will follow his newsletter on how to make money from certain companies.

Freedom Checks on the other side is an idea that involves investing in strategies that have very high potential of multiplying investments in a short time. When Matt Badiali introduced the Freedom Checks, many people ignored because they did not understand what it was all about. They did not even know him. A few months later, investors who invested are receiving their huge checks, and others realize how it was such a great idea. Freedom Checks are coming from businesses that are given tax exemptions by the government. If you would like to benefit from tax exemptions, this is the system you should consider.

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Learn about the founder of Waiakea Water

Ryan Emmons is the founder of the Waiakea Water, the company that prepares the best-bottled water. He created this brand in 2012 after visiting Hawaii and tasting water from a river. The water tasted so good than none other he had tasted before. He decided that he would share this experiences with the world by creating a brand of water that would be the best.

Ryan Emmons was influenced to start this company by the kind of environment he grew up in. He was brought up in his California and Hawaii, two places with a very clean environment. One day, Emmons was visiting his uncle in Hawaii and decided to take a stroll in a nearby valley. The valley was near the base of a volcano. He tasted water that was flowing from the mountains, and it was the best water he has ever tasted. He was convinced that others would have the same opinion about the water and that is when he created Waiakea.

Emmons was motivated to start Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water after he realized that he had access to a naturally pure and sustainable water source. The water was coming from Mauna Loa volcano a place that experiences rain in 360 out 365 days. The experiences that this company has created in this industry is like no other. The company has been doing very well in matching up to the needs of the people.

Waiakea is not only interested in addressing the needs of the people but also addressing water shortage in other regions. The company has been working with other partners to ensure that there is clean drinking water in regions which have no access to such.

Waiakea has also embraced sustainability as a way of getting water. They are protective of the environment from which they get naturally purified water. The company gets the water in its natural form and then distills it.

Waiakea is a company that has a significant impact even in the health sector. The water is fit for human consumption and comes with natural alkalinity of 8.2. This level of alkalinity ensures that the body is of the right pH.