Dick DeVos Is An Influential Businessman And Philanthropist

Dick DeVos Takes Action To Save Downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan


Dick DeVos was one of the political, economic and philanthropic leaders who led the charge to save downtown Grand Rapids from a slow demise. Plans were drawn up to create a bunch of stadiums and other developments in the suburbs of downtown Grand Rapids. This approach had led to a steep decline in the economic and cultural activity of another Michigan city called Detroit.


Mr. DeVos took action to prevent Grand Rapids from suffering the same fate that Detroit had experienced a few years before. He got together other community, business, and philanthropic leaders in the Grand Rapids community. Together they opposed and defeated the developments in the suburbs.


The leaders in Grand Rapids formed a group called Grand Action. They would spearhead many developments right in downtown Grand Rapids. The Van Andel Arena, City Market, MSU Medical School, DeVos Performance Hall, and DeVos Convention Center were some of the notable projects the Grand Action group was able to get built right in the heart of their city.


These projects are credited with changing the skyline of Grand Rapids. They have also brought a flurry of economic and cultural activity to the city. If not for Dick DeVos’s leadership and organization, then downtown Grand Rapids would look very different. The city owes one of its native sons a great thanks for his work on behalf of making downtown Grand Rapids a better place to live, work and play.


Dick DeVos Helps Establish Right To Work Laws In Michigan


Dick DeVos was one of the key figures involved in getting the state of Michigan to become a right to work state. Previously, in the state of Michigan, unions could exclude non-union members from obtaining certain jobs. They could also force people to have to join a union and pay union dues before they would be hired. Dick DeVos helped to lead an effort to pass right to work laws in Michigan. The new laws now make it easier for people to find jobs and makes it more difficult for unions to exclude non-union members from employment.


Dick DeVos Helps Establish A Children’s Hospital In His Hometown


Another philanthropic effort of Dick DeVos is his support of the creation of a children’s hospital in Grand Rapids. The new hospital is named after Dick’s mother, Helen DeVos. It is part of the Spectrum Health System that serves Western Michigan. Dick DeVos made a generous $12.5 million donation towards its construction which cost over 103 million dollars to built. The New Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital in Grand Rapids lets kids receive treatment right in Western Michigan and allows their families to visit them without having to travel considerable distances to Detroit or Chicago.


Visit http://www.dbdvfoundation.org/about to learn more.

Eva Moskowitz and Success Academy Charter School, Dedicated to Helping the Inner-City Children Obtain an Education.

Eva Moskowitz is the founder and CEO of the largest public charter school in New York City, the Success Academy Charter School. This school was founded on the premise that children from low-income neighborhoods can learn just as much and just as well as other children. The general belief is that they cannot learn at the highest academic levels.

She opened the first Success Academy in 2006 in Harlem and since has offered these children an alternative to attending the schools that are chronically failing. Eva Moskowitz has helped thousands of the inner-city children to be able to fulfill their potential academically. There are now 41 schools in operation with teachers and other professionals who work to prove that these children from low-income families can learn and go on to college if they so desire.

In June of 2017, she was awarded the Board Prize for Public Charter Schools at the National Charter School Conference in Washington D.C. Success Academy will use the $250,000 prize money to help support and college-readiness programs for the Success students.

The Board Foundation award is important as it recognizes the schools work with underserved children. It also acknowledges that these children from the inner-city neighborhoods are able to achieve on an academic level as well or better than the students that come from more affluent homes and neighborhoods.

Eva Moskowitz is preparing to announce the creation of a new institute, the Success Academy Education Institute. The first order of business is to release the reading curriculum of the Success Academy on a digital platform. This program will be available to teachers for free.

Eva Moskowitz earned a Ph.D. in American History from the John Hopkins University and she also attended the University of Pennsylvania. She spent one year as an Assistant Professor of History at the City University of New York and Vanderbilt University.