Understanding Why Daniel Mark Harrison is a Jack-of-all-Trades

Daniel M. Harrison is nothing short of a multi-talented individual. Apart from a being a prominent figure/ name in business circles, he is a renowned media expert, a blockchain evangelist, and an author among other things. Daniel traces his lineage to The House of Harrison, which is the bloodline behind the Harrison & Sons, a money-printing enterprise that De La Rue bought in 1997. Additionally, he holds a BA in Theology from the University of Oxford and an MBA from BI Norwegian Business School. He is also an alumnus of the New York University where he received his master’s degree in journalism.

Through CoinSpeaker, Daniel unveiled many stories including The End of CoinDesk’s proxy Index. Previously, he has also served as an editor in chief and publisher at Marx Rand, a publication of general news interest focused on analyzing independent mind concepts. Daniel has also volunteered as a columnist on Asian Emerging Markets Motley Fool and BNET.com, as well as published books like The Millennial Reincarnations.

About Daniel Mark Harrison

Daniel Mark Harrison is not only an investment expert but also a financial pundit. He is known for successfully creating and selling lucrative alternative asset brokerage, especially in Asia. Due to his expertise and experience in financial and investment matters, Daniel Mark Harrison has been instrumental in helping large corporations deal with their complex funding requirements.

Currently, Harrison is the chief executive officer and chairperson of Daniel Mark Harrison & Co. (DMH&CO). The firm operates as a family office with active operations and offices in Hong Kong, Bangkok, and Singapore. Also, Daniel also serves as the managing partner of Monkey Capital, a decentralized blockchain and digital asset investment bank.

Away from executive matters, Daniel Mark Harrison has proven to be an excellent writer through his work, which is regularly featured in both print and online media. In fact, most of his analysis and writing appear on mainstream financial publications such as TheStreet.com, The Wall Street Journal, and Forbes. Online dailies that also feature Harrison’s work include Portfolio Magazine and The Daily Dot. Additionally, Harrison frequently appears as a guest on various business channels such as CNN, Bloomberg, and Reuters.

Louis Chenevert and His Leadership at UTC

Groups of people today find great meaning in starting a business. There’s little wonder in doing so because business is where you can earn a lot and find fulfillment without living the kind of entrapped life that comes with being an employee.

Many people today are successful because of their businesses, and these people find great meaning in providing services to people. One of these businessmen who find fulfillment in providing service for others is Louis Chenevert.

Louis Chenevert is the Canadian businessman who contributed a lot to the success of United Technologies Corporation (UTC). Being its former CEO and chairman meant a lot of things. It means that he’s able to progress the goals of the company to greater heights and he was able to bring its success to its highest level. It was this experience that brought him the responsibility of also becoming the president of Pratt and Whitney Canada.

His training started when he attended at HEC Montreal and took up a bachelor’s degree in mainstream and industrial production management. He went to this school and studied in programs where there was a lot of training in industrial engineering but from which school he mainly got the strong connections with students that would help him in his career.

Chenevert’s corporate experiences, including being Pratt and Whitney’s president and an executive at General Motors for over 14 years. It’s also worth noting that Louis Chenevert resigned from the position at UTC on December 8, 2014, where director Edward Kangas took over.

His Time At UTC
According to Forbes, Louis Chenevert’s able to withstand challenges in his career. His biggest problem could be the one that he faced during his UTC tenure where he had to ensure the unity of stakeholders, customers, and shareholders of the company amid the recession and making sure he gets their confidence in solving or at least riding through the crisis.

Right now, as you can see in his Crunchbase profile, Louis Chenevert is an official Fellow of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics



A man without a vision is many times described as well as dead. For what can one achieve in life with no vision? For Omar Boraie who is the president of Boraie Development LLC, he recounts all he has been through and his visions and only makes a smile. Lucky enough for the 72 years old, his vision has come to pass. What people initially thought as a crazy decision is now something that the whole world lives to admire and desire.

According to NY Times, Omar Boraie who is an Egyptian immigrant came to New Brunswick with the aim of pursuing his Ph.D. in Chemistry. As he traveled to Europe and worked there, he saw a lot that inspired him to venture into real estate and see a different look of New Brunswick. It is while he was here that he got interested in the real estate sector as reported by the Central Jersey Working Moms blog and did not relent to get started.

Like many other success stories, his journey began with one mile. It began back in 1972 and he states that the business was awful. The people would desert the city as early as 4 pm as there was nothing much to be done as the city was not doing so well.

In a report by NJ Biz, Boraie then began to buy plots and the neglected structures along the streets of Albany. Many did not believe in his project and some thought he was actually getting out of his mind. His vision, however, remained irrespective of what people thought or said. He believed that one day he would manage to make the New Brunswick he had always dreamed of

13 years later, Boraie was still forging ahead and he opened Albany Street Plaza Tower One in 1988 which offered office space to the residents. By 2003, he had Albany Street Plaza Tower Two opened adjacent to Tower One. The two towers had a good beginning but Omar realized that as time moved, there was a need for more quality residential. He thus constructed a building for condominiums which was the tallest in the city at 25 stories high. Visit State Theatre New Jersey for more info.

Today, Boraie Development LLC is respected real estate service provider in New Brunswick, New Jersey that focuses quality development under the leadership of Omar Boraie. Boraie prides in his vision that has come to pass amid challenges that have since been overcome.

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Todd Lubar’s Impact on the Baltimore Area

For many years the city of Baltimore has been known as a city full of charm that attracts young professionals. The city is doing quite well with the younger demographic and most experts predict it will continue in this direction. With more and more young people settling in the area, there has been a great need for more apartments. The city of Baltimore has appeared very committed to adding more convenient apartments along with improved public transportation and tools to meet the needs and desires of a younger generation.

A recent trend for apartments in the Baltimore area is chic apartments. These are usually older historic buildings that have been converted into more comfortable and accessible to younger people. Evidence of this is on 10 Light Street where an area has been transformed to include an expansive gym and training center.

Baltimore continues to be an attractive city for younger people. A cheaper cost of living, an ideal place for start-up companies and improvement in the unemployment rate and increased wages are just a few of the things attracting millennials to this area. There are lots of young entrepreneurs in the area and the region seems to be very supportive of them.

A graduate of Syracuse University, Todd Lubar has been a staple of the Baltimore real estate world for many years. He has years of experience working with finances and credit which help him tremendously in this space. Lubar’s real estate experience includes years working with Crestar Mortgage Corporation. He later worked with the Legacy Financial Group eventually making himself one of the top producers in the Maryland area. He has been recognized as one of the the top 25 mortgage originators in the country for many years. Todd Lubar has made a tremendous impact on the Baltimore area and should continue to do so for many years to come.

To learn more about Todd, visit inspirery.com.

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Brian Bonar Delivers Executive Leadership To Several Companies

Being an executive at a company can be very challenging. There are many tasks and responsibilities that executives must handle on a day-to-day basis that determine how well a company will perform moving forward. While every executive position has its challenges, probably the most difficult executive position is the CEO position. The chief executive officer who is often referred to as the CEO is a role that covers the entire spectrum of a company.

As a result, the CEO has to be able to handle any situation that arises in a company. Different CEOs handle the CEO role differently. Many times, the way a CEO handles the position depends on the talents, skills, and experience that the CEO has inside. Often, CEOs will handle directly what they have the capabilities to handle and select others to handle the things that they cannot handle.

This is why the CEO is a role that does not have a set way to handle the position. There is no right or wrong way to manage a company. Whatever way produces the desired results is the way that many CEOs will go. If this requires the CEOs to be more hands on, then they will be more hands on inside the company. If things work better with a team environment based on delegation, the CEOs will shift over to that method.

Brian Bonar is a rare CEO who sits in the CEO position at more than one company. This is not the norm and most CEOs would usually not do it because it is hard enough to run one company successfully let alone more than one company.

However, Brian Bonar is not the typical CEO. He has several decades of experience in the business world that includes many years of experience in the financial industry. The experience that Brian Bonar received in the financial industry has been very important to his professional career.

Many of the things that he does as a CEO is based on the experience that came from the years working in the financial industry. Some of the things that have helped Brian Bonar become an excellent CEO include his team first attitude, his willingness to work hard, his financial expertise, his communication skills, his ability to adapt to change, and his business savvy.

As an executive who he serves as chairman and CEO in various companies, Brian Bonar makes business decisions on a daily basis that require him to use many different aspects of his business makeup.

A true entrepreneur, Brian Bonar learned how to be a successful CEO by starting companies and managing the companies. He has done this with companies in many different business markets, which requires a CEO with a varied business background.