Ronald Fowlkes – Practice What You Preach

For Ronald Fowlkes, life never slows up. This former marine, police officer, and SWAT member has now taken a different leadership role as the co-owner of FirstSpear. FirstSpear is a production company that produces tactical goods and wear for the service, government agencies, business partners, and the common consumer. Ronald stumbled upon the company through his years of service to both the military and the police department. Most of the gear he was given to perform his duties had the FirstSpear insignia placed on it. Ronald used his FirstSpear gear to help assist in executing tactical missions and in his day-to-day work life. Putting this equipment through the rigors of product testing, Ronald knew it was a brand that he could trust and stand behind.


The entrepreneurial side of Ronald broke out after his service time, where he gained first-hand knowledge to the ins and outs of sales and marketing. His continuous drive led him to partner with the brand that he had trusted with his past professions. The first-hand experience with this gear allotted him the opportunity to provide helpful insights into areas of improvement and match potential partners to the company in quick fashion. Ronald took his self-taught knowledge of the product and helped mold the company into the powerhouse seller it is today. The company continues to explore new avenues and new partnerships. Their contracts are growing daily, and their workload is kept stable. With Ronald helping to lead the charge, the future is bright.


Ronald is also an avid writer and enjoys pursuing write-ups on his favorite sport, hockey. His blog details some of the top stories extending from the NHL to the Olympics. His insight and detailed analysis help showcase additional talents in his repertoire. Ronald credits his success to the company that helped him through some of life’s greatest obstacles and he will continue to fight surmounting pressures and situations with the best tactical gear the market has to offer. Practice what you preach and you can construct a life worth writing about


Hussain Sajwani Builds a Legacy

Growing up in Dubai was a transforming experience for Hussain Sajwani, although he probably was not aware of it at the time. He worked long hours after school for his entrepreneurial father in the family business, a variety shop that offered Chinese imports, office supplies, and personal items.

He told his father that he would never want to be a self-employed businessman because the hours were just way too long. He said that it would be better to be a degreed professional and that way he would be able to work normal hours.

Hussain did have an episode of entrepreneurship when he uncovered an especially good price on a volume of candy while he was still in school. He was able to purchase it and then sold the candy to his classmates in school. He did rather well on the profits, and he again mentioned to his father that being self-employed might have its advantages.

He went on to college in the USA at the University of Washington and there he earned degrees in engineering and economics. He then returned to Dubai, and in 1981 he worked for Abu Dhabi Gas Industries as an engineer.

Shortly thereafter he started a catering company that sold food to the US military who were then fighting in the Gulf War. He did well with that venture and the business is still in operation to this day.

In 2002, Hussain Sajwani founded DAMAC Properties, a real estate development and management company. This was in the wake of the UAE announcing that the restrictions on immigration of foreigners would be lifted and people could come into the country to live. Sajwani speculated currently that this would cause a real estate boom to occur.

DAMAC was to become the Hussain Sajwani family basis for security and wealth, and his vision was clear as to its direction. One of his talents was that of promotion and promote he did because soon the DAMAC name was all over the countryside. One of his favorite slogans was, “A New Bently For Each Apartment.”

The elegant and richly furnished apartments had a touch of class that became in great demand. With Italian influenced interiors designed by Versace and Fendi, people clamored for the accommodations. Several of the properties had Donald Trump-branded golf courses that were designed by Tiger Woods.

From the inception of the company, the DAMAC owner has built 19,000 apartments with another 14,000 awaiting completion.

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James Larking, a Trade Hero

James Larkin was born of the Irish parents in 1876.He moved to Newry to live with his grandparents when he was only five. In 1885, Larking came back to England and was employed as a dock laborer. He became a socialist in 1893 and became a member of the independent labor party.

During this time, Jim Larkin focused his time to sell The Clarion. Jim Larkin was appointed the supervisor dock for the T&J Harrison Ltd. He got sacked when he participated in workers’ strike in 1894.Larkin did not stop participating in the trade union and the National Union of Dock labors elected him their general organizer in 1906.

Jim Larking in Belfast and Dublin

The trade union sent Jim Larkin to Belfast in 1907 where he managed to recruit more than 400 new members into the union. The dock employers became frightened by these new developments leading to the sacking of the NUDL members. The action of the dock employers only resulted in bitter and long industrial dispute.

The union sent Jim Larkin to Dublin to train and organize the unskilled and casual laborers in the city. By 1907, Larkin had already launched the national union of dock year later; Jim Larkin had recruited over 2700 new union members.

Jim also successfully organized three strikes, but the union was much concerned by the costs of these strikes and decided to suspend Jim Larkin in December 1908.

The suspension only served to motivate Jim Larkin leading to him forming his own trade union. Jim Larking called his union, the Irish Transport, and general workers union. The new union had branches in Drogheda, Derry, Belfast, and Dublin. Read more: James Larkin | Biography and Jim Larkin | Wikipedia

He also initiated a political program championed for eight legal hours of work, employment for the unemployed, and provision of the pension to employees over the age of 60. Jim Larkin was not only involved with the organizing of workers’ strike but was also an active participant in the temperance campaign.

In 1909, the Irish Trades Union Congress leaders got upset by his advocacy for industrial militancy and they expelled him in 1909. He was later found guilty of money misappropriation while working with the NUDL and he served a one-year sentence for his crime.

Getting the best insurance services from USHEALTH GROUP

The beauty of the insurance company

The USHEALTH GROUP does not offer general insurance policies because all the other insurance companies can do that. There are more marketable insurance policies which can cater for things to do with houses, lands and general properties. The USHEALTH GROUP only focuses on giving health insurances to clients of every economic class and health conditions. The group has dedicated its services to the provision of quality healthcare insurance that the clients will enjoy for the rest of their lives. There are several advantages of taking up policies with the insurance company. Consider some of the advantages why USHEALTH GROUP can be a good option for you.

The company admits all economic classes

Different people have different needs, and for this reason, they are only required to pay very the policies which will be relevant for their cases. People with critical conditions are helped in a way that they do not feel the pinch of paying any insurance covers. There are others who only need to take insurance policies for minor conditions. Certain clients would take insurance policies against specific calamities like accidents or emergency medical covers which may fail to happen. All these people are given different offers where they can feel valued. The quality of the services that they receive is reciprocated by the money that they pay.

Customer services

USHEALTH GROUP values the satisfaction of the customers and the positive reviews more than anything else. For this reason, the company is dedicated to the provision of quality services to the clients so that it can retain the current client base. Satisfaction of the customers is the key to making an organization thrive. The company operates on the basis that customers are the bosses of an organization and quality treatment to them will ensure the success of the operations. Learn more at about US Health Group.

The leadership styles

USHEALTH GROUP is one of the organizations where every employee including the CEO is involved in marketing. There are cases where clients would want to understand certain challenges and the needs to take medical covers. The CEO and the top management would engage the clients on the benefits of the company policies and what makes them different from the others. In as much there is duty delegation, it is salient to understand that clients have to be treated properly. The organisation has created this culture so that the employees can understand how to relate to one another and the customers. Occasionally, the Insurance Company calls the agents for meeting to strategise on how to improve the services that are offered to the clients. The agents have a chance to speak on behalf of their so that the implementation process can be inclusive of all the difficulties encountered in the field.

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Brian Torchin: Why Doctor’s Love Him

Dr. Brian Torchin, DC., is a chiropractor on a mission. Brian started out at the University of Delaware’s well-known exercise science program.

After that, he undertook a successful and rigorous course of study at the world renowned New York Chiropractic College beginning in 1992. In 1995, he graduated from the NYCC with a Doctor of Chiropractic degree.

Upon becoming a board certified and licensed chiropractic health care professional, Dr. Torchin struck out on his own and set up shop in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

He immediately went to work curing the worlds ills—literally. Patients streamed through Dr. Torchin’s clinic. Then, in the early days, Dr. Torchin’s patients were known to pass his card around at social functions.

His practice grew quickly, and in no small part due to the care and diligence Brian insisted on bringing to each and every one of his patient interactions.

Dr. Torchin knew that proper care and a good bedside manner were critical to the doctor/patient relationship. Through much time and experience, Dr. Torchin came to understand that this went beyond merely making his patients comfortable, it went to the very heart of helping them recover.

Brian wanted to create a world in which every patient interaction was built along these principles.

And that’s why he founded Healthcare Recruitment Counselors, LLC, a company does exactly what it’s name suggests: it finds qualified, caring, professional health workers and puts them in a place where they can do the most good—both for their patients, and the businesses they contract with.

Glassdoor revealed that Brian Torchin’s patient and care centered philosophy turned out to be a rich soil in which to plant his new company, and it quickly grew to include the recruitment of not only qualified healthcare professionals, but also critically important support staff like medical billing specialists, many various types of technical positions, and office management personnel.

Now, Brian has branched out to recruiting candidates that share his vision in other, ancillary, fields. HCRC now recruits lawyers, paralegals, and legal secretaries to help staff law firms that often help handle medical claims.

Dr. Torchin has been quick to sow these seeds of success on foreign shores, too, knowing that quality healthcare is a universal value—and an easy sell. Accordingly, HCRC has made quick inroads in European and Asian markets.

Brian Torchin has come a long way from a small time Philly chiropractors clinic to the world of international staffing, all driven by a philosophy of diligence and care—and Dr. Torchin has shown no interest in giving up on his mission any time soon.

Everything You Need To Know About USHEATLTH Advisors

USHEALTH Advisors LLC is an insurance company that has its headquarters in Grapevine Texas. The company has been in business for almost six decades. It has been providing its clients with various medical insurance covers. USHEALTH Advisors falls under the category of insurance companies and is a limited liability company.

The company’s management constitutes of highly experienced and skilled individuals. The success and growth of the firm can be entirely attributed to the excellent management that oversees the running of its day to day activities.

Ms. Lisa Carter, the current Vice president of customer service, has been in the company for more than five years. Her duty has been to ensure excellent customer service is provided for the firm’s clients, true to her word and effort USHEALTH Advisor is recognized as one of the insurance firms boasting of outstanding client satisfaction due to the customer relations the fir provides.

Other than Lisa, the management team that oversees the successful running of USHEALTH comprise of Mr. Patrick O’Neill who is the company’s General Counsel, Mr. Ronnie Rahe, who serves as the Vice President of Consumer Affairs and Ms. Joan Turner who currently serves as the Vice president of USHEALTH.

Follow USHealth Advisor on Twitter for updates.

The company has been transforming lives of its clients in the 58 years they have been in service. One such happy and satisfied client is an individual that has shared much praise for the company. James has had the USHEALTH POLICY for almost a year, and he couldn’t be happier. He has added his wife to the plan, and now the couple is paying half of what they used to pay t their previous insurance firm.

According to James, the customer service is always available around the clock to provide answers to his queries, other than that James noted that the customer support team at USHEALTH are usually friendly and easy to talk to. The agents who sign you up for the service take their time to fully explain the everything in full detail to ensure that all signing customers get to understand everything regarding the plan and policy they are currently signing up for.

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Hussain Sajwani is a Real Estate Development Maverick

Hussain Ali Habib Sajwani, the founder of the DAMAC Properties Group, is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The company was established in 2002 and its headquarters are based in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates. The company is involved in real estate development, specifically commercial, leisure and residential properties, as well as other real estate ventures. The companies based their business model on three goals including pay for property up front rather than mortgage it, never transfer funds from one account to another and keep cash reserves in government bonds or fixed deposit accounts.


Sajwani got his start in the business world in the food industry. During Operation Desert Storm, the company provided food service to the United States Army. DAMAC worked with American military forces all around the globe, as well as for major American corporations such as Bechtel. Even though DAMAC is heavily involved in the real estate industry, the company is still involved in the food service industry. The association serves to remind everyone of Sajwani’s very first business venture. He took the lateral side step to real estate when he calculated he could make a better profit in real estate than he could in food. He learned a valuable lesson in business early on when he realized it is important to cultivate associates and friends in high places on a national and international scale.


Sajwani finds he retreats to that all important lesson in whatever he does in life. He has developed a working relationship with President Donald Trump of the United States and embarked on a joint venture with the President. The two collaborated on Trump International Golf Club and hopes to continue his association with Trump. Sajwani is also embarking on a business association with Trump’s three oldest children – Donald, Jr., Ivanka and Eric. Sajwani has already done business with the three younger Trumps and find they support the Trump brand very well. The Trumps are dedicated to the preservation of the Trump name and all it stands for. Hussain Sajwani has business ties to other International political partners in addition to the Trump Organization. Learn more:

Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund; Giving a Voice to the Voiceless

Around the globe, numerous groups fighting for a noble quest for civil, human rights and immigrant rights have been formed to advance this cause further. These groups advocate for the implementation of international rights for all people in the world and establish the rule of law and maintain a civil society. These groups include some notable ones such as Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund.

Two journalists, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin also credited for the foundation of Village Voice Media and Phoenix New Times, started the organization after the Court of Appeal of the U.S awarded them compensation for the unlawful arrest.

The duo invested the $3.75 million settlement received from Maricopa County in the advocacy group conveniently establishing the foundation.

Furthermore, the organization fights for people on the lower side of income, ensuring that their rights guaranteed without discrimination. To date, Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund has changed lives of many people and also poor households across the globe. The group is a champion for migrant rights, civil and human rights.

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is another organization that vehemently advocates for immigrant domestic rights and liberties. The group also aims at eradicating metropolitan and individual prejudice aimed at the migrant citizens.

For the last 25 years, ACLU has been the lead group in ensuring that the freedoms and rights of the undocumented citizens are guaranteed. The team has been at the center of virtually all dominant legal onslaught representing migrants rights and have vindicated laws obstructing immigrants from accessing the justice system.

The Advocates for Human Rights is one more group that prompt for the human rights movements across the globe. The team is a non-partisan, unbiased and a not-for-profit organization which was dates back to the year 1983.

The group’s vision is to establish a long-lasting, exhaustive and complete impact on a global and local platform. It scrutinizes and debunks encroachments on human rights, advocates for refugees searching for sanctuary and also mobilizes both human and financial resources to other groups that have a similar cause.

The Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights (CHIRLA) is also a group that defends immigrant households and people. They are also sympathizers for the freedom of free all-around human rights, ensuring they participate in the democratic processes of a state.

The group’s original plan is to ensure the formation of a society which will accommodate every person involving the migrants too. It is also working on shifting the popular belief and gaining momentum to make it possible for an entire society which accounts for public, and transmigration human liberty.

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A Call for Unity to Defend Our Most Threatened and Fundamental Rights

Abraham Lincoln once said that all men could stand adversity, but, to really test what the character of a man is, you must give him power. This is precisely what happened in the night Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were arrested without warning and legal reasoning.

Civil, human, and migrant rights, as well as the freedom of speech, are probably the most important rights we have as people of this world. Unfortunately, these rights are the most threatened, and they are threatened by the very authorities that we put in power.

Maybe it is human nature to succumb to power and the temptations that come with it that they tend to abuse it. However, it is also in the nature of people to resist atrocities done by them.

For this very reason, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have founded the Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund, in order to call for groups that fight for civil, human, and migrant rights, as well as freedom of speech to unite and come to them and they will use the Frontera Fund to fund their campaign for these fundamental rights.

Michael and Jim are journalists who have always been advocates of these rights, and the Frontera fund came from the $3.75 million settlement money awarded to them from suing the Maricopa county on the charge of an illegal arrest.

The two journalists have been investigating Sheriff Joe Arpaio, because of the extensive list of accusations on his name and many allegations of corruption and schemes. As journalists and investigators, they knew it was their job to learn more about people who couple be, possibly, corrupted.

Eventually, they were able to expose the existence of the grand jury proceedings that sought journalists notes concerning news and articles that cover Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

A clear attempt to curtail freedom of speech and information to the public. To make matters worse, they were also able to unearth the issuance of subpoenas on the identities of individuals who read news concerning the said sheriff. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: and

For these events, they were illegally arrested on October 18, 2007. Joe Arpaio could not accept that the duo had found something that incriminated him, so the Sheriff ordered law enforcers to break into their home and arrest them in the night.

Justice, however, prevailed, and now they are using the money they got from the settlement to fund groups that fight for civil, human, and migrant rights as well as the very important freedom of speech.

USHEALTH Advisors Professional Team

US Health Advisors is a team of professionals who focuses in helping their customers and their staff. It’s basically a marketing arm of US Health group that majorly deals with marketing various health policies that are under US Health group family of insurance companies.

This company mostly targets Americans, visionary entrepreneurs, small business owners or even the self-employed. The US Health Advisors together with it family of companies has concentrated in serving the various health needs for over 35 years.

US Health Advisors Insurance sells various health policies which are governed by the company’s manifesto. These two insurance companies are subsidiaries of US Health group. US Health Advisors Insurance is committed in serving people from all walks of life and this is facilitated by the commitment of sales agents.

US Health Advisors Locations are widespread all across America due to their commitment of making a positive impact in the lives of others every day. Started by Troy McQuagge in 2010 it has witnessed a tremendous growth. US Health Advisors agents are all across America such as in Brevard County, Florida where it’s committed in helping members of HOPE Foundation (Helping Other People Every day).

The other location of US Health Advisors office is found in Scottsdale in Arizona. It’s focused in supporting the wounded Warrior Project. Similarly, it’s committed in helping under-privileged children by providing for them winter coats. It has also helped in refurbishing houses to the less fortunate.

US Health Advisors BBB is another legal body tailored to regulate businesses through ways such as licensing, bonding or registration. For a business to start its operations it must meet certain requirements as outlined by the BBB. Also, the body is mandated to report on various government activities involving businesses.

Another role of BBB is reporting about companies and businesses that are out of operation for more than one year. US Health Advisors prohibits businesses from using “Better Business Bureau (BBB)” name or its logo without authorization. In case a business is bankrupt and remains in the same state, it is the responsibilities of BBB to inform interested parties. This ensures efficient services going forward.

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