Quick Stock-based Loans

When searching for a loan, most businesses had a strict list of what they want. At the top of most lists are low interest rates and a fast underwriting process. What most businesses run into is a very lengthy process and interest rates that are too high. Of course, we are not at the end of this story because there are lenders who meet the criteria of these businesses. There are alternative lenders who have a quick application process, they are known for their low fixed interest rate, and they use collateral such as stocks to back loans. Equities First Holdings is an alternative lender who offers stock backed loans for businesses and individuals. As a company, they are known for their low interest rate, fast processing, and customer service. They are a company who has handled a billion dollars worth of transactions and will handle a billion more in years to come.

Richard Liu Qiangdong: Growing into a Global Market

Richard Liu Qiangdong sat down with Weforum.org in their interviewer David Rubenstein talks about the good and the bad when it comes to growing a business like JD.com. JD.com started out life as the very small Jingdong Mall. This was the second endeavor for the owner Richard Liu, he had previously owned a restaurant that failed. He explains to David Rubenstein that some of the reasons why the restaurant failed as it did were because he did not have enough time to pour the adequate amount of resources into the business. He took that experience to heart when he began the growth of JD.com. In 2005 there was a huge SARS scare in mainland China. People became fearful to leave their house and Jingdong Mall was in trouble.

Richard Liu wanted his employees to be safe but he also wanted his business to remain profitable. He decided that the best way to do this would be to move the business to a virtual environment online. The company did very well in the early days and Richard Liu Qiangdong decided that he wanted to expand their item inventory. He did this very slowly so that the company could control the quality of items that they were released out to their customers. In the interview, Richard Liu talks about the fact that taking the time to do this was one of the main reasons why the company ended up securing the number of customers that they were able to secure within those early years.

For Richard Liu Qiangdong, it became important that his company could be trusted. He is hoping that one day he will be able to bring that air of honesty to the global market. He sees companies like Amazon.com and wants to make JD.com a direct competitor. JD.com is the current primary retailer for the Chinese public. They have seen a lot of growth over the last few years. While the company continues to grow, it is uncertain whether Richard Liu Qiangdong will reach that goal. If the past success of JD.com is any indicator of any potential triumphs, it is looking good for the online retailer.

OG Juan: The Face Behind the $100K Birthday Party

In mid-February, 2018, Jay Z made headlines when he and his friends celebrated Juan “OG” Perez’s 50th birthday party by spending close to $100,000 on dining and drinking. Before the event, very few people knew about OG Juan. The Roc Nation later identified him as a close friend to the Carter-Knowles family and the husband to the crew’s COO—Desiree Perez. Reports indicate that Jay Z was the big spender during the event, bringing us to a conclusion on how Hova brags. Unlike other famous music artists who brag about their wealth, Jay does it in a different style. Even though Jay denied footing the bill, one could easily see the dynamic of the crew at play. Jay Z looks out for his own—his friends and family—and derives his satisfaction from making them successful too.

Born in Harlem, Perez went to Brandeis High School. Kareem Burke introduced OG Juan to Jay Z in 1996, when the Roc-A-Fella Records was only a year old. OG Juan worked with Jay Z and various other artists such as Kanye and Just Blaze and helped them produce hundreds of hits between the years 2000 and 2004. In 2005, Jay partnered with OG Juan and founded Roc-La-Familia—Roc-A-Fella’s sub-label that was tasked with signing an international musicians.Over the years, OG Juan’s and Jay-Z’s families became close. The families extended this friendship to the business world where OG Juan’s wife, Desiree Peres, Dez, acts as the Roc Nation’s COO. She has, for a long time, played a significant role in the success of the crew. For instance, Perez discusses significant business deals on behalf of the Roc Nation.

Recently, she negotiated Sprint’s $200 million an investment deal that would see Jay Z tour the country in the spring of 2018. Apart from that, she was also a key negotiator for the Roc Nation when the city officials and Mayor Jim Kenney tried to stop the Made in America festival from taking place. She undertook the negotiating role and ensured the Roc Nation would continue holding the event for years to come.Due to their love for sports, Jay Z and OG Juan are interested in seeing Roc Nation work with athletes in the country. In an interview with the New York Post, OG Juan indicated that he and Jay Z are working closely to see the Roc Nation sign celebrity athletes in the country. The duo believes that music and entertainment go hand-in-hand.

Neurocore And The Use Of Neurotherapy To Treat Depression

Neurocore Brain Performance Centers focuses on providing brain-based assessment as well as training programs in order do help adults and children to improve concentration, manage stress, and improve sleep. The company was founded in 2004 and became an important national figure when it comes to applied neuroscience, having 9 brain performance centers in Florida and Michigan. Read more about Neurocore at glassdoor.com.

Advances have developed in EEG technology, neurofeedback, and brain mapping, giving scientist a better understanding on how the brain functions, and what can be done in order to improve its functioning. Neurocore started applying this knowledge in order to improve mental acuity but also to help treat mental disorders such as depression, anxiety, ASD, and ADHD. Despite the fact that such neurotherapeutic applications have only been available to the public at large only recently, they actually have a rich history that dates back to the middle of the 20th century.

Neurotherapy, which is also known as neurofeedback, is the practice of using electrical measurements of the brain waves in order to teach the brain to regulate itself. In 1968, Joe Kamiya published an article in Pshycology Today, which helped popularize neurotherapy – an article which stands out as being the first to provide EEG neurofeedback training. Frederick Lemere is also an important figure in the field of Neurotherapy, as he is responsible for publishing a description that linked depression to EEG results, in 1936.

Visit: https://fox17online.com/2015/11/23/its-not-a-lifetime-of-paying-for-meds-neurofeedback-therapy-at-neurocore/

Lemere’s research is used today by clinicians and scientist at Neurocore in order to offer patients a Medication-Free Depression Treatment Program that uses neurofeedback. The patients of Neurocore are using neurofeedback to help train their brains overcome the severity of symptoms that depression has, and in some cases overcome the disorder altogether. The brain training therapy that Neurocore offers starts with a comprehensive assessment that employs the use of qEEG brainwave mapping technology, among other diagnostic measures that can help generate a clear picture of the patient’s depression symptoms. 292 clients completed Neuocore’s 30-session program, and out of the 292, 51% do not meet the symptomatic threshold for the disorder any more, and 84% have experienced a noticeable reduction of the symptoms. Visit Patch.com to know more about Neurocore.

Alastair Borthwick Life Overview

Alastair Borthwick was born in the year 1913, 17th February. He passed on in the year 2003, 25th September. Alastair Borthwick is known across Europe for the exceptional work that he did in broadcasting and authorship of several books. He was a publisher, and his books were mainly relating to mountain climbing and some of the exercises and the fun involving mountain climbing.

Alastair Borthwick early life

In spite of Borthwick being born in Rutherglen, he was nurtured and raised in Troon before heading to Glasgow where he spent a better part of his life. Borthwick started his studies at Glasgow High School where he had a chance to serve as an officer training corp. He did this work for quite some time, and then at the age of 16, he decided to do some job with Evening Times which is a newspaper that is usually published from Monday to Saturday in Glasgow Scotland.

Later, he continued to build his career in some other newspapers and among them is the Glasgow Weekly Herald. This is a newspaper that is published weekly, and it involves the lifestyles of the people living in Glasgow Scotland. When he was working under the weekly newspaper, his principal focus was under the leading part of the front page, joining of crosswords, or at times publishing about the children and their mothers.

Alastair Borthwick’s career

As he was working under the Glasgow Weekly Herald, he got to access to the page of this newspaper which is called Open Air. In this page, he discovered about mountain climbing, and he found out that this is something that had gained popularity among young men, and it was being done as part of leisure and fun. Due to this discovery, he develops a lot of interest in mountain climbing, and he was a great publisher in the Open Air page of the Heralds weekly newspaper. He later published his book talking about mountain climbing in the year 1939. The book was called “Always called a Little Further.”


Alastair Borthwick was a great author whose work was impressive. He will be remembered for the various success he made in mountain climbing literature.

Facebook: facebook.com/public/Alastair-Borthwick

Jennifer Walden: The Face of Texas’ Medical-Aesthetics Revolution

Medical aesthetics has changed people’s lives for the better by giving people more confidence in themselves. Some procedures are invasive while others are minimally invasive. Cosmetic surgeons do their absolute best to produce the best possible work. If you’re extremely hip to what’s going on in this exclusive field, then you’ve probably heard about Jennifer Walden. Jennifer Walden just so happens to be one of the more sought-after female cosmetic surgeons in the Southeast. This lovely surgeon’s photos have been printed in many of today’s most popular publications, including:

  • Health
  • Texas MD Magazine
  • Self
  • VIVE
  • Austin MD Magazine
  • Bridal Guide
  • Glam.com
  • The New York Sun
  • And more

Dr. Jennifer Walden also gets a lot of credit for being the co-author of an award-winning book. This book offers the ins and outs of what cosmetic surgery is really about, and it’s known as “Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.” This particular book has created a loyal fanbase. Dr. Walden also teaches other cosmetic surgeons at national conventions. She is the ultimate spokeswoman to say the least, but she enjoys helping other like-minded professionals. Walden has taught newer techniques via some of today’s most advanced technologies. This includes ThermiVa, DiVa and HALO Hybrid Laser technologies.

This mother of twin boys is living the good life these days, but thanks to her strong passion, her best days are still ahead of her. All in all, this is why Dr. Jennifer Walden is the face of Texas’ medical-aesthetics revolution.

Her Instagram Profile: https://www.instagram.com/drjenniferwalden

How A.D. Dolphin Started The Health Supplement Firm Dherbs

Los Angeles based Dherbs, Inc., is a company that helps people revitalize their health through natural living. They offer herbal supplements that take a holistic approach to human health. Organic herbal supplements are becoming increasingly popular with mainstream people who want to cleanse their bodies of the poisons such as heavy metals and air pollution they are subject to on a daily basis.

By cleansing their bodies of these harmful materials on a regular basis they achieve better health, more vitality, and clearer thought. Not all companies in the herbal supplements industry take the approach of this company, though, as they would rather grab the cash and run for lack of a better term. This is why anyone seeking out these types of products should be careful of who they are dealing with.

They were established 14 years ago by A.D Dolphin. He is the grandson of 1950s music legend John Dolphin. He started out striving to be a professional basketball player and spent time playing in Australia’s professional league. He transitioned to being a coach and then sought out more training as a basketball coach once he made his return to the United States. Read more about Dherbs at Wikipedia

He was pretty successful as a coach with 300 players flocking to him in just the first 60 days. He approached each student on an individual basis, teaching them both what they wanted to know and what they needed to know about playing basketball.

During his time as a coach, he learned a lot about health and wellness. He decided to apply this knowledge in 2004 which is when he established Dherbs. He wanted to help people heal, improve their health, and enjoy a better quality of life through the use of herbal supplements. He said that all the members of his family owned their own businesses and he was pretty happy to finally do the same.

The top selling product of his company is its 20 Day Full Body Cleanse. Within a month this program will rid the body of all the toxins, heavy metals, pollution, and possibly infectious agents it picks up. It also helps people release weight, some as much as 30 pounds although of course results vary.

Dherbs started out growing its base of customers by word of mouth. Eventually, they had ads on both radio and TV as well as a website. Today they have celebrities endorsing their products such as Steve Harvey and Brandy.

Read more: http://thereal.com/page/2018/02/20/dherbs/


The Heart Of Private Business With Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group is private equity that was founded ten years ago. It is based in New York City. It is the largest and the first private equity company to be traded publicly in the United States.

Fortress Investment Group transformed very fast and offered services in real estate investments, debt securities and hedge funds. Its investments grew fast where its equity funds increased and netted at above 39%.

Fortress Investment Group Inc. has won several awards. The group was named hedge fund manager of the year and as the management firm of the year in. Its success is due to the highly trained and successful employees who are committed to its progress. One of such employees is Jeff Feign, who formerly headed Citigroup.

Since its opening, Fortress Investment Group has opened branches all over the world. Its expertise has extended to managing physical and financial assets, owning assets among other services.

Besides investments, Fortress Investment Group has helped other businesses to build up assets. Among the firms, it has helped is the Millennium Development Group, where it was to build an athlete’s village where the 2010 Olympics was held.

Among the companies that Fortress has invested in are the Alea Group Holdings Ltd, Capstead Mortgage Corporation, CW Financial Services, Florida East Coast Railway, Springleaf Financial, Umami Burger among others.

Due to its vast knowledge of investments in industries, Fortress has invested in tools that help in its operations. This has made it possible for the company to extract value from other investments companies.

Currently, it has assets that it is managing ranging from cash-flow generating private assets to corporate assets. Among the private assets are based in North America, Western Europe and the Caribbean.

It has public traded companies that deal in investing in real estate, infrastructure and even media-related assets.

Fortress’s leadership is focused on developing and maintaining corporate governance policies that are strong, ensuring that its business reaches the peak hence seeing it ahead of the corporate world. SoftBank Group Completes Acquisition of Fortress Investment Group

ClassDojo-Making Learnng Fun and Easy

ClassDojo is launching their very first subscription service for parents known as “Beyond School,” and they are excited to share its many features with their existing and new customers.

ClassDojo has always been about providing a useful app that makes it easier for parents, students, and teachers to stay connected at school and at home. ClassDojo has never had any monetization yet they have managed to stay not only afloat but growing as well.

ClassDojo first launched in 2011 and is based out of San Francisco. ClassDojo is a tool that is used in about 95 percent of elementary and middle schools in the United States and about one in six families in the US uses the app daily.

The new app will offer short videos that will help parents to connect with their children through meditation exercises, mindfulness and there is even a self-reflection tool where children can record responses to questions. There are also many fun avatars for children to choose from and the new app makes it possible for children to really express themselves.

Children are awarded points and can watch videos as well as decorate their avatars which keeps learning fun and motivating. So far the company has raised $31.1 million from their investors such as Reach Capital and General Catalyst to name a couple. The company has been stringent on such things as advertising and marketing in order to keep going, and although the team has had fewer than only ten employees for many years, they have now grown to include 35 employees.

ClassDojo is an easy-to-use app that opens the doors of communication between parents, students, and teachers and makes learning fun. It is an effective app that makes it possible and easy to share videos, photos, and messages throughout the entire school day and makes it possible to bring ideas to life.

ClassDojo has been translated into over 35 languages, and the company has been honored with numerous awards and recognitions. Some of their achievements include the Education Innovation Award and the Crunchie Award for Best Education Startup just to name a couple.

Guilherme Paulus- A Trendsetter In The Tourism Industry

Guilherme Paulus is synonymous with the tourism industry and for all the good reasons. Paulus co-founded the now renowned tour operator CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens. He did this at a young age of 24. During his tenure in leadership, the company has risen to become a force to reckon with in the tour operator industry. In 2009, the company sold 60 percent of its stake to a private equity firm at an estimated cost of $420 million.

In 2005, Paulus founded the now popular and acclaimed GJP Hotels and Resorts. These hotels have a huge market share in Brazil and there is a bid to build more hotels near major airports. These hotels are a major boost to the Brazil economy due to a large number of tourists they attract. The hotels also employ over 5,000 people.

Guilherme Paulus Awards

As one of the most influential business persons in Brazil and beyond, Paulus has received both local and international recognition. In 2012, he received recognition from the French government as a key developer in the tourism sector. The government of Brazil has also acknowledged Paulus and the Viagem e Turismo magazine named him as the “personality of the year. Guilherme Paulus was also listed in Forbes as one of the billionaires, and due to his contribution in the tourism sector in Brazil.

Guilherme Paulus Contribution to the social welfare

Paulus is not just a prestigious entrepreneur, he holds society in high regards and has made significant contributions to the wellbeing of communities and businesses at large. Paulus together with his companies are involved in various projects such as the PIET project which focusses on providing education opportunities to needy and disadvantaged youth. Paulus is also one of the major sponsors of the National Project of Professional Initiation in Tourism. This organization provided hands-on experience to kids and young people interested in the tourism sector. Paulus has also partnered with various institutions in Brazil to donate funds for medical and psychological counseling to needy individuals.

In many of his interviews, Guilherme Paulus has said that it is not just about talent or hard work, but both of these qualities have to be combined for a great success recipe.