The Heart Of Private Business With Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group is private equity that was founded ten years ago. It is based in New York City. It is the largest and the first private equity company to be traded publicly in the United States.

Fortress Investment Group transformed very fast and offered services in real estate investments, debt securities and hedge funds. Its investments grew fast where its equity funds increased and netted at above 39%.

Fortress Investment Group Inc. has won several awards. The group was named hedge fund manager of the year and as the management firm of the year in. Its success is due to the highly trained and successful employees who are committed to its progress. One of such employees is Jeff Feign, who formerly headed Citigroup.

Since its opening, Fortress Investment Group has opened branches all over the world. Its expertise has extended to managing physical and financial assets, owning assets among other services.

Besides investments, Fortress Investment Group has helped other businesses to build up assets. Among the firms, it has helped is the Millennium Development Group, where it was to build an athlete’s village where the 2010 Olympics was held.

Among the companies that Fortress has invested in are the Alea Group Holdings Ltd, Capstead Mortgage Corporation, CW Financial Services, Florida East Coast Railway, Springleaf Financial, Umami Burger among others.

Due to its vast knowledge of investments in industries, Fortress has invested in tools that help in its operations. This has made it possible for the company to extract value from other investments companies.

Currently, it has assets that it is managing ranging from cash-flow generating private assets to corporate assets. Among the private assets are based in North America, Western Europe and the Caribbean.

It has public traded companies that deal in investing in real estate, infrastructure and even media-related assets.

Fortress’s leadership is focused on developing and maintaining corporate governance policies that are strong, ensuring that its business reaches the peak hence seeing it ahead of the corporate world. SoftBank Group Completes Acquisition of Fortress Investment Group

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