Aloha Construction launches a new interior restoration service

After the deadly storms that hit parts of Northern Illinois, the demand for roofing and siding services is expected to go up. Aloha Construction Inc., the region’s top provider for home maintenance services, is ready for the new season. This company has had positive growth since they opened doors and started offering roofing and siding services. The company serves the whole of Illinois and southern parts of Wisconsin. They have a new website that is meant to make it easy for people looking for services to get immediate help. Aloha Construction has also expanded its facilities, and it has joined interior home maintenance. In May, they launched an interior restoration department.




CEO David Farbaky leads aloha Construction Inc. In 2013, the company completed 7,000 projects in Illinois but that has now grown, and they are currently handling over 20,000 projects. In 2015, they were offering their high-quality services in Illinois through the Bloomington office. The main headquarters of the company are however located in Lake Zurich. The new office has taken much of the workload that the Lake Zurich office was experiencing.




According to David Farbaky, Aloha Construction aims to change the region by providing top-notch home maintenance services. They want people to feel safe in their homes. It is in this spirit that they have introduced Aloha Restoration, the new department that will deal with interior remodeling. It is not the first time that they are doing interior remodeling. They have been doing it since 2008 when the company was created, but it was never one of the main tasks they handled. After doing hundreds of such projects, they have decided to make it officially their business. The office for the Aloha Restoration will be located near the headquarters in Lake Zurich.

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