Jason Hope Hopes To Slow Down Aging With The Use Of SENS Foundation

If there is one person who is known as being a futurist, the one name that people can all agree on is Jason Hope. He holds a passion for technology and has a good understanding of overall technology. With what he knows and understands of technology, he is hopeful to be able to make better predictions on where technology is headed in the future.

Jason Hope is helping others to get their own ideas off the ground by funding a grant program to help students and entrepreneurs to fund their research ideas. What he understands is that young minds are always working on coming up with great ideas and getting these ideas off the ground can be difficult. You can find Jason Hope on Twitter @JasonHope for latest updates.

Jason Hope is using his website as a way to meet up with the best ideas that are presented to him. The ideas are gone through and only the ideas that he feels are best supported are then helped to come to life.

Much like you and I, Jason spends his mornings just like anyone else does. He spends it eating breakfast and then partakes in some form of physical activity. Like many others, Jason will spend much of his time reading emails, sending messages on social media accounts and personal messages.

When asked what it is that he holds dear for being an entrepreneur is coming up with ways to make the future brighter and by encouraging what people can do to make there lives easier. Jason will spend time on the ideas that he feels are worthwhile while others will come up with an idea but never fully follow through.

One thing that Jason is fond of is the use of devices and gadgets that will be used to adjust things in life. You will be able to use these devices to make things in life easier. By using gadgets and such, you are saving time by using the items to become productive. Some of the various devices that Jason is fond of include gadgets that will adjust lighting as well as the temperature in a room. The use of biometrics monitors is another gadget that Jason loves.

Jason Hope has high hopes for the use of the SENS Foundation. When asked about his feelings on the issue, Jason spoke about how aging can be slowed down if you work at the cellular level. He has personally donated to this foundation and is hard at work to help them better understand and reach a cure for slowing down the progression of aging.

The one area of research that Jason is open to that a large number of people disagree on is the use of stem cells. What people need to better understand is that stem cells and usuage of stem cells is where the medical research field is headed into. There will be more and more talk about the use of stem cells and what we can do to help prevent things thru the use of them.

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