Inspirational Marketer Krishen Iyer

Krishen Iyer has become a marketing success that has focused his expertise on the health industry. Krishen Iyer is the founder of Managed Benefits Services (MBS) a successful marketing firm located in Carlsbad that specializes in consulting and lead generation for businesses. Krishen decided to take on the challenge because the U.S. has a healthcare system that makes it difficult to get health care, inefficient administrative management, and poor health results than other surrounding and overseas countries. His decision is an outstanding one because he is accepting the challenge to inspire all within the business realm to make a difference.


This achievement supports his reason for becoming an entrepreneur in his early years. Krishen Iyer entrepreneurial business was labeled as the fastest-growing privately owned marketing business in the U.S. In 2015, NMP, his insurance company, won a top spot with INC 5000. In 2004, Krishen received his B.A in Public Administration and launched his first insurance industry business. His achievements thus far are inspirational markers to ambitious, young creative entrepreneurs who are extremely talented like Krishen Iyer.


Krishen Iyer received his B.A from San Diego State University. During his studies, a passion for technical development sparked his interest and broadened his insights on entrepreneurship and client relations success. Krishen Iyer is remarkable in the sense that he takes pride in the recent endeavors that he has achieved, especially with his Carlsbad company, Managed Benefits Services (MBS).


Due to his success with MBS, he is committed to mentor others to achieve the same kind of success. He hopes for great transformation with MBS on the levels of delivering exceptional results to clients. Managed Benefits Services focuses on helping clients with interfacing, technical management, and digital marketing. Krishan Iyer’s eye for detail is what helps him and his company stands out in today’s world.

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