What Apps Victoria Doramus Uses And Her Previous Career Highlights

Any career field takes a certain amount of passion and dedication to achieve success. You have to put in lots of time, energy, and focus to get the results you desire. Challenges in life are inevitable, but the people who don’t give up, persevere until they achieve their goals. Victoria Doramus recently sat down with Ideamensch with an insightful interview. She discusses her career highlights, what she does to stay productive, and what advice she would give her younger self. Her answers are very relatable to just about anyone.

Victoria Doramus earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism and mass communication from the University of Colorado. From getting a college education, Doramus started working in the field of digital and print media. She worked with Mindshare, Stila Cosmetics, and other companies with their branding and advertising needs. Victoria struggled with addiction during her career as a digital and print media expert. It seemed the more her career got successful, her addiction got worse. Eventually, Victoria hit her rock bottom and got the help she needed. If Doramus could give her younger self some advice, it would be to move loving to herself, have more confidence, and do not worry about rushing things in life. As a recovery expert, she helps people get clean and sober, so they can live happier, more productive lives. Philanthropy also plays a huge part in Victoria’s life. She works with several charities to help them achieve their mission. Room to Read, Best Friend’s Animal Society, the Amy Winehouse Foundation, and the Women’s Prison Association are some of the charities she works with.

As a recovery expert, Victoria loves resources, digital devices, and technology to move her career forward. One app in particular, helps her find AA meetings wherever she is located, and it is called Pink Cloud. Victoria also loves apps that let her know health updates in regard to how she is doing. Doramus uses My Fitness Pal to track her eating habits, her Apple watch to track her health, and uses Whistle to track her dog’s exercise during the day. This all helps her stay on task so she can be a better help to others.

Benefiting from Freedom Checks and Trump Bonus Checks

There are so many investment opportunities that are available in the world today. Some are legit others are not. It is upon the investor to pick legit opportunities, and that can create the most income. Some of the legit ideas that you can utilize in 2018 include Freedom Checks and the Trump Bonus Checks. These are systems from legitimate financial experts who want nothing but success for the average investor. Freedom Checks was introduced by Matt Badiali, and Mike Burnick introduced the Trump Bonus Checks. The two systems have no relationship with the government. Any investor who is willing to take up these two should first gather enough information about them before investing. The biggest challenge that faces the investment industry is that people are taking ideas without knowing what they are about, while others are dropping good ideas because they do not want to research and find out for themselves.

Trump Bonus Checks has mainly been promoted among the veterans in the Armed Forces. It is an investment opportunity that presents an opportunity for them to grow and make sure that they benefit from their patriotism. He says that those who will benefit the most are those who have shown patriotism and have served the country with diligence. Whatever this system is all about is something that can bring significant gains. Mike Burnick is an approved investment advisor, and he can guide average investors who will follow his newsletter on how to make money from certain companies.

Freedom Checks on the other side is an idea that involves investing in strategies that have very high potential of multiplying investments in a short time. When Matt Badiali introduced the Freedom Checks, many people ignored because they did not understand what it was all about. They did not even know him. A few months later, investors who invested are receiving their huge checks, and others realize how it was such a great idea. Freedom Checks are coming from businesses that are given tax exemptions by the government. If you would like to benefit from tax exemptions, this is the system you should consider.

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A Look Into the Life and Research of Sujit Choudhry

Sujit Choudhry is known for quite a few different things. But one of his most significant contributions to the world is also the one to garner him the most fame. Sujit Choudhry is a guest researcher for WZB Berlin Social Science Center. This Rhodes Scholar brings quite a bit to that role as well.

One of the more important aspects which Sujit Choudhry brings to the table is scope. He has an extensive history in a wide variety of different fields. He’s worked everywhere from the Middle East to the Great Lakes. And in that time he’s been able to accomplish some really impressive things. In large part there’s been a heavy focus on constitutional law and politics, more info on (Linkedin.com).

However, one of the larger points in his background has to do with using constitutional law as a tool for positive social movement. And this is one of the elements where his experience is especially valuable to the Berlin Social Science Center, read (Crunchbase.com). A good example of this process in action can be found with his ideas about constitutional design.

Sujit Choudhry sees constitutional design as a good way to move from authoritarian to peaceful democratic policy. And even from violence into peace. This is in large part why his contributions should be held up to such intense interest.

And it’s probable that this is one of the reasons why the Science Center takes such an interest in him as well. His views constitutional law and politics move social science into a more active role. Science in large part tends to be focused as much on action as theory. But this isn’t always true of social science. In that field the reading of things tends to precede development of active ideas, find out more updates on constitutionaltransitions.org.

But Choudhry proposes a more active involvement in the field. Most recently this can be seen in Ukraine. He’s led workshops in Kiev with some of the world’s top advisors. This, in turn, is leading to immense positive change. The hope is for Ukraine’s semi-presidential system to move into a more fleshed out and positive direction. It’s clear that when he’s able to work with such higher level politics that he’s bringing something special to the table, check http://blogs.law.nyu.edu/magazine/2011/introducing-sujit-choudhry/.


A Glance at the Life of Businessman and Billionaire Hussain Sajwani

Judging from his appearance, it is easy to dismiss Hussain Sajwani as any other ordinary businessman until you learn that he not only owns a business empire but is also one of the most prosperous Arabs in the world. Born in 1952, Hussain can also be referred to as the founding father of Dubai’s real estate sector as he is one of the earliest people to venture into the industry through DAMAC properties. However, it is vital to note, that even though today he is one of the world billionaires with a net worth of 1.4 billion, Hussain came from a humble middle-class family.

Hussain’s father owned and worked in a watch and pen store while his mother would purchase fabric from a wholesale market and hawk it to local ladies. It is through his parents that Hussain Sajwani first learned the art of entrepreneurship. He further perfected this by attending the University of Washington to study for an Economics and Engineering degree in addition to working for Abu Dhabi’s gas industries, finance department.

Soon after completing his studies in 1982, Hussain Sajwani went ahead to put the skills he had earned from his parents, at school and from working at Abu Dhabi gas industries by setting up his business in the catering arena. Given his rich business backdrop, his catering venture was undoubtedly destined for success, and just two years after its inception, it had customers from all over the world, including the US military.

After a few years in this arena, Hussain shifted his focus to real estate and established DAMAC properties. Since then, he has never looked back and continues to expand his empire in every dawn. Furthermore, Hussain owns a long string of businesses such as ZDICO invets, Al Jazeira services Co SAOG, Nine Elms property limited, AYKON Maldives resort and many others.

DAMAC properties itself is doing remarkably well having a development portfolio of 44,000 units, and has delivered over 19000 housing projects. Additionally, it has been the force behind some of the most renowned projects in the world such as the Tiger Woods golf course. It is as a result of such achievements that Hussain Sajwani was last year listed among the 100 most globally influential Arabs. Hussain is a good friend of Donald Trump, and apart from being a personal friend, he is a business partner to the current President of the United States of America.

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The Trending 31-year Old Assistant Coach Yanni Hufnagel

Yanni Hufnagel is considered to be the most proactive 31-year old assistant coach in the country. His dedication and devotion to the game have helped him make it large in life in such a short span of time. His in-depth understanding of the mechanisms that work outside of the basketball court has left the experts in awe.


He is a passionate recruiter and proved his worth by making some of the boldest and smartest recruits throughout his career. Recently the analyst of CBS college basketball team, Jon Rothstein said that he never stops working and is always striving to make the most out of his work irrespective of the division he is working for.


Yanni Hufnagel was a big fan of the sports since his childhood, and he admitted to having been engaged in analyzing and running his dream lineups way before he joined college. Now, he does that in reality and to date have been very successful at it. People noticed about his potential as an analyst as well as a recruiter when he used to make live broadcasts in a local radio station at the age of 16. People who heard him knew that is was special for a 16-year old kid to understand the game so brilliantly.


Yanni Hufnagel’s stint as a student manager at Cornell was short-lived as he did not get much exposure to the field he desired. Yanni was 23-years old when he moved to Oklahoma to kickstart his career and there was no looking back. His two seasons as a graduate assistant under the supervision of Jeff Capel along with the NBA superstar Blake Griffin helped Yanni polish his skills for the big teams that he eyed right from the start.


His move to Harvard was the real deal. This is where he gained real experience as an assistant coach and recruiter during his 4 seasons under Tommy Amaker. His next stop was Vanderbilt which lasted for just one season before he pounced at the opportunity to move to coach and recruit from the University of California, Berkeley.