Entrepreneur At Heart And Physician In Practice: Dr. Mark McKenna

Dr. Mark McKenna has been doing quite well with his latest company, OVME, which is a new direction for personal healthcare companies everywhere. Unlike the typical healthcare businesses that operate in a doctors office, OVME takes the treatments or products right to customers homes. OVME’s unique app allows customers to search for what they want and even get advice from medical doctors to order the treatments they want right to their door, rather than going to a doctors office. Dr. Mark McKenna already has an office in Atlanta and has high hopes to spread into new cities in the coming years. Freelance healthcare professional will be able to utilize OVME to do house calls as well for even greater benefits.

Dr. Mark McKenna is both a medical practitioner and businessman, though he started off in the medical direction, largely because of his father. His father is also in the medical field and after Mark graduated from Tulane Medical School, he went on to help the family business. Mark also earned his business degree and opened up a business of his own while working for his father, though it was focused on investments. This company was known as McKenna Venture Investments and earned Mark millions before it was all but destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. This devastating event not only lost Dr. Mark Mckenna his business but devasted the lives of thousands throughout New Orleans.

It was actually all of the ruined properties and foreclosed homes that Mark used to rebuild the community and regain some of the money he had lost. Using this, Mark moved on to Atlanta, Georgia and started to take his business ideas to the next level. He combined his knowledge of medicine with his practical business skills to start up the chain of wellness facilities, he moved on to new and bigger ideas, which is now called OVME.


Buildings Go Up When Boraie Partners With Smart Investors Like Shaq

Shaquille O’Neal is not only a famous NBA player who is now in the Hall of Fame, he is also a smart business man. His mom had hopes that one day someone would come to their hometown city of Newark, New Jersey, and do something to make the city as beautiful as it once was. Shaq made sure that the dream of his mom was made a reality. He partnered with Boraie Development to make plans for a high rise apartment and retail building in downtown Newark. The city just recently celebrated the topping of the building with Shaquille O’neal in attendance.


According to boraie, this completion will open avenues for other buildings in the downtown Newark area. Built near the river, the building has a fantastic view across the Hudson to Manhattan, New York. This newest project that was constructed by Baraie Development sets the pace for many more. Boraie is well known in the state of New Jersey for rebuilding cities. They have done so in Atlantic City, and in New Brunswick. They transform dilapidated buildings into modern state of the art structures. They provide living quarters, retail stores,and recreational buildings as the city deems necessary.


Boraie Development is the real estate experts in urban areas. They focus on every aspect of the urban real estate market. Boraie is a family owned and operated company that has been serving the urban areas for many decades. Sam Boraie is the vice president, and the company’s second generation leader. Although he was met with much skepticism when he brought the Atlantic City project to it’s Chamber of Commerce, the argument for the rebuilding was stronger than any of the oppositions. They built the $81 million dollar project in Atlantic City in hopes of restoring the town back, and even better than it was previously.


Baraie Development gives the cities in which they work accolades for providing them with the support that is needed for these building projects to be successful. Boraie makes a commitment of vision, along with their own capital, and their reliability to each and every project. Their thirty year record speaks for itself. They have a reputation of being the most sought after real estate developers in the New Jersey area. When a Jersey city begans to fall, Boraie Development, LLC is the team to depend on for unmatched service, professionalism, and know how. They can rebuild any urban area. You can visit crunchbase.com for more details.


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Talkspace Makes Therapy More Accessible

These days stress seems to be ever-present, but there are ways to combat it. Mentally fit people follow a few habits that help them to stay on top of their stress levels. Focusing on one thing at a time can make big tasks much more manageable and keeps that feeling of overwhelming stress at bay. Exercise is another great way to let off some steam and to keep a clear mind. Mentally fit people also take the time to de-stress with a break and with some “me time.” They also set limits and do not take off more than they can chew. And even they need to know when to ask form help. Sometimes it is just necessary to get some outside help to get through a tough situation.

It’s possible to become addicted to stress. Our bodies are wired to deal with stress and when our bodies are faced with a stressful situation they product what is known as a “stress hormone.” This hormone is a combination of dopamine, adrenaline, and cortisol. Some people get addicted to stress because they like the way that they feel when their bodies combat their stress. A stress addict (yes, there is such a thing) may be an indication of a much deeper issues and seeing a therapist would be ideal to get to the root of the problem.

The problem with seeing a therapist is that it can be hard to fit an appointment into one’s busy schedule and many find it too expansive. Talkspace is the future of therapy and is convenient and affordable. With Talkspace, you can have a therapist at the tips of your fingers on an app on your phone. You can text your therapist and get the therapy you need from a licensed therapist on the go.

Talk Fusion Highly Progressive Video Marketing Firm

Video communication has become one of the most preferred modes of communication these days, and same is the case with video marketing. Videos are known to create a long-lasting effect on the people, and it does create a positive impression. It is this secret about video marketing that Bob Reina came to realize back in 2007 when he set up Talk Fusion. At the time of launching Talk Fusion, not many people knew much about video marketing or how it would grow moving ahead in the future. Today, it can be seen that video marketing dominates most of the other forms of marketing, and most of the companies are spending millions in their marketing campaigns towards video marketing.


Talk Fusion helps these companies to achieve their video marketing goals with ease by providing them with the video marketing products and services, which are highly unique, engaging, and result-oriented. Talk Fusion’s CEO and founder Bob Reina is an expert marketer as well as a technology enthusiast and believes that effective marketing can help the companies mark a significant increase in revenue as well as profits. Many of the clients of Talk Fusion have seen a positive impact on their sales and have helped with customer retention and engagement as well. Talk Fusion is always in the process of development of new products and services, and one of the latest products that the company recently launched is the video chat app named Fusion on the Go.


The Fusion on the Go is a highly versatile video chat app that would help people communicate visually and also send messages, pictures, and videos. The Fusion on the Go also comes with the feature to create a private chat room that can be shared with the friends, and the best part is that the app can be used on different smart devices at the same time. Learn more: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/talk-fusion-video-chat/id1014620741?mt=8