Logan Stout is a Revered Business Professional, Philanthropist, and Entrepreneur

     When it comes to describing and exploring some of the world’s best entrepreneurs and philanthropists, Logan Stout tops the list. An accomplished business professional, a high-profile author, keynote speaker as well as a business leader and project manager, Mr. Stout has worked hard to create these titles for himself. His credibility in business is also an aspect that most entrepreneurs and prospective investors have been looking at from time to time. Coupled with an excellent track record of leadership, Stout is by no doubt, a role model to every youthful leader who looks forward to joining the world of business.

Background Data

Stout’s most recent venture is highly linked to better and wellness. ID Life was established in 2014, and until now, the company has worked with high-profile partners from different walks of life. Among these partners is Troy Aikman, the billionaire, Darwin Deason as well as Jen Widerstrom, a renowned celebrity trainer.


Moreover, these partners are also working with like-minded individuals like renowned authors and experts who specialize in health and wellness, and brand ambassadors who focus their projects on educating masses on health matters. IDLife is here to change everyone’s perspective on health matters. That is why in 2016, the company was awarded for being a leading multilevel company in the world. It joins the list of 99 other multilevel companies.


Logan Stout’s interests do not end there as he is also a dedicated philanthropist who leads with excellent leadership skills. In light of his passion for philanthropy, Stout published a book titled ‘Stout Advice.’ The book is a simplified guide on how people can build their economic platforms by empowering each other. Besides, Stout focuses his writing on the value of helping each other to achieve their God-given objectives. The most enticing part of the launch of this book is the fact that renowned entrepreneurs like Barbara Corcoran as well as Daymond John endorsed it.


Mr. Stouts’ leadership extends to his service as the chief executive officer of the famous baseball organization, Dallas Patriots. Currently, this organization is leading in providing mentorship and leadership programs to the youth. What is more, Logan Stout has given every member of this team the opportunity to explore different entrepreneurial options. Therefore, Stout is painted as a dedicated helper in the ever transitioning needs of people in the community.


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