Logan Stout is a Revered Business Professional, Philanthropist, and Entrepreneur

     When it comes to describing and exploring some of the world’s best entrepreneurs and philanthropists, Logan Stout tops the list. An accomplished business professional, a high-profile author, keynote speaker as well as a business leader and project manager, Mr. Stout has worked hard to create these titles for himself. His credibility in business is also an aspect that most entrepreneurs and prospective investors have been looking at from time to time. Coupled with an excellent track record of leadership, Stout is by no doubt, a role model to every youthful leader who looks forward to joining the world of business.

Background Data

Stout’s most recent venture is highly linked to better and wellness. ID Life was established in 2014, and until now, the company has worked with high-profile partners from different walks of life. Among these partners is Troy Aikman, the billionaire, Darwin Deason as well as Jen Widerstrom, a renowned celebrity trainer.


Moreover, these partners are also working with like-minded individuals like renowned authors and experts who specialize in health and wellness, and brand ambassadors who focus their projects on educating masses on health matters. IDLife is here to change everyone’s perspective on health matters. That is why in 2016, the company was awarded for being a leading multilevel company in the world. It joins the list of 99 other multilevel companies.


Logan Stout’s interests do not end there as he is also a dedicated philanthropist who leads with excellent leadership skills. In light of his passion for philanthropy, Stout published a book titled ‘Stout Advice.’ The book is a simplified guide on how people can build their economic platforms by empowering each other. Besides, Stout focuses his writing on the value of helping each other to achieve their God-given objectives. The most enticing part of the launch of this book is the fact that renowned entrepreneurs like Barbara Corcoran as well as Daymond John endorsed it.


Mr. Stouts’ leadership extends to his service as the chief executive officer of the famous baseball organization, Dallas Patriots. Currently, this organization is leading in providing mentorship and leadership programs to the youth. What is more, Logan Stout has given every member of this team the opportunity to explore different entrepreneurial options. Therefore, Stout is painted as a dedicated helper in the ever transitioning needs of people in the community.


Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital is a sole financial advisor with DCG. DCG is currently the software leader when it comes to analytics. CEO Mike Harris has mentioned that the insight of Madison Street Capital and its team are undeniable the backbone to the successful confirmation of the recent merger deal with Spitfire Group. After the merger was completed, the top tiers of the company from both DCG and Spitfire were met with high praise for the excellent staff recruiting with Madison Square Captial. The President of ARES Security Corp., Ben Eazzetta, recognized Madison Street Captial for the due diligence, valued analytics, capital increase, and the successful partnering in the financial department. Madison Street Captial was also recognized for their partnership with HeartSync and a boom in securing their growth capital. Madison Steet Captial rocketed their reputation in the financial advisor industry when they directed a successful sale for WLR Automotive Group; committing to a leaseback transaction of $13.


Madison Street Capital is known for their business value, finance reporting, price management, and the ability to direct their clients without fail. For Madison Steet Capital, the company firmly planted its feet when they conducted a minority equity investment for ARES Security Corp. and WLR Automotive Group praised the swift and smooth deal closing transaction made. Madison Street Captial has received numerous advisor honors awards from M&A Advisors.


Madison Street Capital is an investment firm that has proven its excellent leadership and service among its clients when comes to corporate financial services for not only public businesses but also privately owned businesses. The company is dedicated to quick results and responding as soon as possible. For several years, Madison Street Capital has helped over thousands of clients in various industries to reach their financial growth goals in a specific time span. The experience and understanding that the company possesses with corporate finance is the exact reason as to why they are considered the leading financial advising company globally. With several offices from ranging from North America to Africa and Asia, the company has found a way to provide for the masses on a global scale without folding on their business relationships and mission.


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The Frontera Fund Was Created Out Of The Ashes Of Abuse Of Power And Horrible Anti-Latino Sentiment

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were handcuffed and forcibly taken out of their homes during an October evening in 2007 by armed deputies that were sent by Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Both of the men were working for the Phoenix New Times, and some of their stories about the abuses that had been carried out by Joe Arpaio angered him enough to have them placed into separate jails that were both managed by Sheriff Arpaio. The abuses in question had to do with the anti-Mexican climate of fear that Arpaio had been creating, and Larkin and Lacey reported the facts that the mainstream media was constantly ignoring. Their articles focused in on abuses of power by the sheriff, financial irregularities, and the horrendous conditions as well as abuses being committed on the inmates in Arpaio’s jails.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were arrested for the story they wrote that covered Arpaio had ignored the Constitution by leaning on his allies inside of the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office to issue grand jury subpoenas. These subpoenas sought information about the Phoenix New Times’ editors, writers, and readers, and it went as far as to get the IP addresses and personal browsing histories of the readers of the newspaper. Larkin and Lacey decided to write about the ridiculous subpoenas rather than give in to them.

Not only did the arrest of the two men put a national spotlight on the problems in the area, but people all over the nation aired their strong disapproval with Larkin and Lacey’s arrests.

Once they were released, a court battle ensued, and in 2013, the appellate court decided to award the two men with a $3.7 million settlement that Maricopa County would have to pay. Instead of keeping the money, Larkin and Lacey decided to startup the Frontera Fund, which is an initiative that works with pro-Latino groups who work to protect the rights of those who have faced civil rights abuses in the state of Arizona.

Jim Larkin has expressed his disbelief with the abuses and has also talked about how he was taught to treat everyone equally. Michael Lacey has pointed out how Sheriff Joe Arpaio has illegally detained and made monsters our of Mexican migrants and American citizens who just happen to have brown skin. Both men are now working to ensure that Latinos do not have to face similar abuses in the future.


Securus Technologies Modernizing the Corrections Space With Advanced Correctional Technologies

Securus Technologies has been working to modernize the corrections space for many years and has contributed significantly in that direction. One of the technologies that the company recently developed is the wireless containment system that would ensure that the contraband phones are not allowed to use inside the prison.

Having a contraband phone inside the prison is a crime and even after the enormous efforts and security measures implemented by the correctional agencies, the inmates continue to get and use the contraband phones. It has become difficult for the correctional agencies to put a complete end to the use of contraband phones in the prison as there are many different routes through which these phones make their way inside the prison. The prevalent corruption in the prison facilities has made it easier for the inmates to get their hand on the contraband phones. The inmates who have resources and funds to shell out ensure that they use the money they have to get the facilities they want illegally, which includes the use of contraband phones. The communication made through the contraband phone is not recorded, tracked or monitored, and it is one of the reasons why inmates prefer to use the contraband phones.

Securus Technologies, a correctional firm that has years of experience in the prison technology design, development, and manufacturing, is the first company ever to develop the wireless containment system. Securus Technologies has won many awards over the years in the correctional field for developing advanced criminal justice technologies. Securus Technologies has put in years of research into developing the wireless containment system. The wireless containment system is an advanced technology developed by the company to completely eliminate the use of contraband phones inside the prison facilities. It works in a very simple fashion by making a virtual network around and over the correctional facility and ensuring that no illegal or unauthorized communication passes through.

Securus Technologies is also known for its award-winning customer service. The primary aim of the company is to ensure safety and security for inmates and the correctional officers. The corrections ecosystem has been greatly influenced and secured with the help of the criminal justice technology provided by the Securus Technologies. At present, eight of the prison facilities that are served by the Securus Technologies use the wireless containment system. In the test run of the wireless containment system, the new technology helped stop over 1.7 million illegal communication attempts. It is a huge leap from the previous situation that the correctional facilities faced. Now, the use of contraband phones can be greatly limited with the help of the wireless containment system. It would contribute greatly to keeping the correctional facilities safe. As the wireless containment system has been developed using the intel provided by some of the ex-correctional officers, the technology is full-proof and ready for the future.

How Few People Can Stay Up With Ryan Seacrest’s Pace

Ryan Seacrest is always on the move. For example, after spending a weekend in Nashville, Tennessee helping to auditions singers for a new season of American Idol he rushed back his home in New York City. The next morning he was on his tv show with Kelly Ripa called, “Live with Kelly and Ryan“. Directly after this concluded he had to rush to another studio so that he could do his live radio show called, “On Air With Ryan Seacrest“. He then spent the remainder of his day planning for upcoming shows as well as working on his business empire. He says this is pretty much his daily schedule and he loves it.

His life will only get busier when American Idol makes its season debut. At that point he will have to fly to Los Angeles, California, every Sunday in order to host this live show. He will then have to catch a red-eye flight back to New York so that he can do his morning show with Kelly Ripa at 9 a.m. ET. He also has other hosting duties during the year such as doing the Jingle Ball, the New York New Years Eve show, and hosting the iHeart Radio Music Awards held in March each year.

Ryan Seacrest was born in Atlanta and he attended the University of California. One thing people don’t generally know about him is that he appeared in Crimson Tide in 1995. He was briefly on screen looking at an aquarium. He was there just as an extra so he wasn’t named in the credits. Other early successes for him was on children’s tv shows. He was on three of these which were “Click”, “Wild Animal Games”, and “Gladiators 2000”.

He says that his mentor early in his career was Merv Griffin who of course had been a tv host for many years. In 2005 Ryan Seacrest was given a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for Radio. He has hosted a number of radio shows over the years with “On Air With Ryan Seacrest” being the latest one, found on radio stations throughout the world.

Lights, Camera, Action & The Eclectic Brown Modeling Agency

The modeling industry has grown by leaps and bounds throughout the decades and there seems to be no slowing down. This exclusive industry can be full of glitz and glamour, but it’s also one of the toughest fields of work. Having thick skin is a must if you want to survive its wrath. Brown Modeling Agency has seemed to come from out of the blue, and it is amongst a new age of modeling agencies. Founded by Justin Brown back in 2015, the agency has skyrocketed to the top of the ranks. Despite being in a rather smaller market, Brown Modeling Agency has secured plenty of top-level talent.


This agency is actually a conglomeration of Heyman Talent-South and Wilhelmina Austin. These two companies have already made a name for themselves, but now that they have become one, the results have come fast and furious. This full-service agency can handle every aspect of the industry itself. This includes runway, fashion, print, film, voiceover, television, industrial video, conventions and more. The sky is truly the limit here. Justin Brown has inserted his personal experience within this company, and it has shot straight to the top. Justin, a former-model, has earned a good living from this exclusive industry. Back in the day, this guy was earning up to $100 an hour in most cases. He was able to put himself through college thanks to his earnings. The Reno, Nevada-native returned to the modeling industry after college, but he decided to go another route. Justin was working from behind the camera’s instead of posing in front of the cameras. For more details visit Crunchbase.


Brown Modeling Agency has up to 450 talented individuals, and the agency has more than 100 employees. Some of the models has worked for huge campaigns with L’Oréal and with Louis Vuitton. Some of its other clients include Dell, Landshark Beer, Toyota, Dodge Ram, HBO, TNT Network, Bright House and Bing. Who knows what the future holds for Brown Modeling Agency, but as of today, it is laying a solid foundation for conducting business in the future.