Get to know Troy McQuagge; the Unprecedented USHEALTH Group, Inc CEO

The prestigious one planet award this time around, went to one and only USHEALTH, Inc CEO Troy McQuagge. The gold winner as CEO received this phenomenal award after being pronounced the best corporate leader of the year. For sure, Troy McQuaggeSon has shown great commitment and contributed abundantly toward the success of USHEALTH Group, Inc since his debut in 2010. The fact that he manifested great potential to lead the USHEALTH Group, Inc team, gave him the privilege to be elected as the CEO in 2014.

  • The one planet award

The one planet award is a program set aside to recognize the great job done various organizational leaders in different industries. It is a global program which always grants the chance for all organizations and companies from all parts of the world to submit their nominations for close analysis. Private, public, non-profit, big and small organizations are always granted an equal opportunity to participate in the one planet award.

  • Troy McQuagge as the USHEALTH Group, Inc CEO

When Troy McQuagge joined USHEALTH Group, Inc, in 2010, he came with a new strategy which focused on packing more strength in the human resource department. He commenced the work by ensuring the reconstruction of the captive distribution agency hence improving the performance of the organization. This change brought a massive change to the company, and due to his great potential as an overall leader, he was officially elected as the CEO of USHEALTH Group, Inc in 2014.

During his era as the overall leader, Troy has helped the USHEALTH, Inc to register lots of unprecedented success. Despite the stiff competition in the Health Insurance Industry from other highly reputable organization, USHEALTH has been able to record success after success, and all credit goes to Troy and his great team of workers who never hesitate to exercise his amazing ideas.

  • Leadership Techniques

Troy McQuagge as the CEO of USHALTH Group, Inc is known for his great job which involves ensuring that the company is well managed and resources strategically placed with the aim of maximizing profits. During his tenure, Troy McQuagge has made sure that clients are accorded the highest quality services possible. He recognizes that this is the tool to earn the company the good reputation that it currently has. Therefore, through the chain of positive reviews, it is an honor to recognize the amazing job that Troy has done to the USHEALTH Group, Inc. Read more on Crunchbase about Troy McQuagge Son

USHEALTH Group, Inc is a health insurance company, based in Fort Worth, Texas. It is a health insurance company, and is committed toward ensuring super customer care services in every component of the company’s dealings.


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