Hussain Sajwani Builds a Legacy

Growing up in Dubai was a transforming experience for Hussain Sajwani, although he probably was not aware of it at the time. He worked long hours after school for his entrepreneurial father in the family business, a variety shop that offered Chinese imports, office supplies, and personal items.

He told his father that he would never want to be a self-employed businessman because the hours were just way too long. He said that it would be better to be a degreed professional and that way he would be able to work normal hours.

Hussain did have an episode of entrepreneurship when he uncovered an especially good price on a volume of candy while he was still in school. He was able to purchase it and then sold the candy to his classmates in school. He did rather well on the profits, and he again mentioned to his father that being self-employed might have its advantages.

He went on to college in the USA at the University of Washington and there he earned degrees in engineering and economics. He then returned to Dubai, and in 1981 he worked for Abu Dhabi Gas Industries as an engineer.

Shortly thereafter he started a catering company that sold food to the US military who were then fighting in the Gulf War. He did well with that venture and the business is still in operation to this day.

In 2002, Hussain Sajwani founded DAMAC Properties, a real estate development and management company. This was in the wake of the UAE announcing that the restrictions on immigration of foreigners would be lifted and people could come into the country to live. Sajwani speculated currently that this would cause a real estate boom to occur.

DAMAC was to become the Hussain Sajwani family basis for security and wealth, and his vision was clear as to its direction. One of his talents was that of promotion and promote he did because soon the DAMAC name was all over the countryside. One of his favorite slogans was, “A New Bently For Each Apartment.”

The elegant and richly furnished apartments had a touch of class that became in great demand. With Italian influenced interiors designed by Versace and Fendi, people clamored for the accommodations. Several of the properties had Donald Trump-branded golf courses that were designed by Tiger Woods.

From the inception of the company, the DAMAC owner has built 19,000 apartments with another 14,000 awaiting completion.

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Meet Rodrigo Terpins: The Brazilian Rally Driver

One of the many distinguished and exciting careers is the motorsports. Many people, however, only want to be spectators. The career is considered as crazy given the activities and the challenges of the venture. Rodrigo Terpins is passionate about motorsports and has made a name through it in Brazil as a rally driver.

A competent rally driver must be intelligent, fearless and knowledgeable. These are attributes that spectators learn as they watch the game. During the racing, their many challenges that the rally drivers encounter. Some terrains get unbearably tough to deal with, while sometimes technical issues of the vehicle arise. Having the endurance to cope with such challenges is among the job description.

Whenever there is an issue in the field, Rodrigo Terpins does not give up; he does his best to get past the obstacle. He has gained many fans as a result of this trait.

Besides being a passionate rally driver, he loves culture, arts, children, and science. Rodrigo has been able to balance all his passions over the years. Balancing his diverse interests in his personal life is attributed to be a contributing factor to Rodrigo’s success in the motorsports. This is because each rally team consists of the primary driver and a co-driver to help. Being able to have diversified life has opened up his mind to accommodate the help of others. He can work with the team because he understands the importance of unity in achieving success. The cooperation has rendered their team victory.

Rodrigo continues to be a rally driver. His many Brazilian fans love their star and are always looking forward to the competition. The experience that Terpins has helps him in ensuring that he doesn’t disappoint his fans.

Final Verdict

Everyone can earn from his/her passion. However, many people are not ready to invest in themselves and push their limits.

Rodrigo Terpins is an excellent example of the rewards of being fearless and confident. From his career and the ability to go past the rough terrains, we understand the importance of persistence and endurance during the tough business times.

Get to know Troy McQuagge; the Unprecedented USHEALTH Group, Inc CEO

The prestigious one planet award this time around, went to one and only USHEALTH, Inc CEO Troy McQuagge. The gold winner as CEO received this phenomenal award after being pronounced the best corporate leader of the year. For sure, Troy McQuaggeSon has shown great commitment and contributed abundantly toward the success of USHEALTH Group, Inc since his debut in 2010. The fact that he manifested great potential to lead the USHEALTH Group, Inc team, gave him the privilege to be elected as the CEO in 2014.

  • The one planet award

The one planet award is a program set aside to recognize the great job done various organizational leaders in different industries. It is a global program which always grants the chance for all organizations and companies from all parts of the world to submit their nominations for close analysis. Private, public, non-profit, big and small organizations are always granted an equal opportunity to participate in the one planet award.

  • Troy McQuagge as the USHEALTH Group, Inc CEO

When Troy McQuagge joined USHEALTH Group, Inc, in 2010, he came with a new strategy which focused on packing more strength in the human resource department. He commenced the work by ensuring the reconstruction of the captive distribution agency hence improving the performance of the organization. This change brought a massive change to the company, and due to his great potential as an overall leader, he was officially elected as the CEO of USHEALTH Group, Inc in 2014.

During his era as the overall leader, Troy has helped the USHEALTH, Inc to register lots of unprecedented success. Despite the stiff competition in the Health Insurance Industry from other highly reputable organization, USHEALTH has been able to record success after success, and all credit goes to Troy and his great team of workers who never hesitate to exercise his amazing ideas.

  • Leadership Techniques

Troy McQuagge as the CEO of USHALTH Group, Inc is known for his great job which involves ensuring that the company is well managed and resources strategically placed with the aim of maximizing profits. During his tenure, Troy McQuagge has made sure that clients are accorded the highest quality services possible. He recognizes that this is the tool to earn the company the good reputation that it currently has. Therefore, through the chain of positive reviews, it is an honor to recognize the amazing job that Troy has done to the USHEALTH Group, Inc. Read more on Crunchbase about Troy McQuagge Son

USHEALTH Group, Inc is a health insurance company, based in Fort Worth, Texas. It is a health insurance company, and is committed toward ensuring super customer care services in every component of the company’s dealings.


The Takeover: OSI Group & Its Dominance

The takeover is in full-effect for the foodservice industry and OSI Group is leading the charge. This is one of the most progressive-acting and progressive-thinking companies in the world today. When you think of foodservices, this company will definitely come to mind for business people in this exclusive industry. Lets have a look at some of the facts into why OSI Group is so dominant. Acquisitions are a vital role in a company’s success as it allows the company to grow. OSI Group has its fair share of acquisitions and in 2016, it acquired two of the best. BAHO Foods and Flagship Europe are two of the biggest acquisitions of this century. The food giants produce a wide range of food products like sauces, marinades, sandwich fillings, dips, mayonnaise and a host of solid-food products.

Thanks to the acquisitions, OSI Group has been able to expand into unknown territories. This untapped market is primed for growth and the countries that it represents will receive the very best in custom-food products. What more can you ever ask for? The global markets are wide open and this company is about to setup shop. Thanks to this addition, OSI Group will strengthen its market-value while broadening its presence throughout Europe. The company has one of the best modern-day feed mills in China’s Shandong Province. This specific plant will produce over 600,000 metric-tons of feed, which will make it China’s largest operated feed mill. On top of that, the company has added a high-capacity production line in Hungary. Over 22,000 tons of processed chicken will be produced at this $25 million facility. OSI Group Buys Former Tyson Foods Plant in Chicago.
It would be extremely hard trying to find another similar company with this much clout and with this much ambition. This is the new wave of contemporary foodservices. OSI Group’s American facilities are located in the destinations of West Jordan, Utah, in Oakland, Iowa, in Riverside California and many other places. All in all, OSI Group is simply outperforming the competition, but who knows what’s in store for the years to come. OSI Food Solutions UK Awarded 2016 Globe of Honour by the British Safety Council.


James Larking, a Trade Hero

James Larkin was born of the Irish parents in 1876.He moved to Newry to live with his grandparents when he was only five. In 1885, Larking came back to England and was employed as a dock laborer. He became a socialist in 1893 and became a member of the independent labor party.

During this time, Jim Larkin focused his time to sell The Clarion. Jim Larkin was appointed the supervisor dock for the T&J Harrison Ltd. He got sacked when he participated in workers’ strike in 1894.Larkin did not stop participating in the trade union and the National Union of Dock labors elected him their general organizer in 1906.

Jim Larking in Belfast and Dublin

The trade union sent Jim Larkin to Belfast in 1907 where he managed to recruit more than 400 new members into the union. The dock employers became frightened by these new developments leading to the sacking of the NUDL members. The action of the dock employers only resulted in bitter and long industrial dispute.

The union sent Jim Larkin to Dublin to train and organize the unskilled and casual laborers in the city. By 1907, Larkin had already launched the national union of dock year later; Jim Larkin had recruited over 2700 new union members.

Jim also successfully organized three strikes, but the union was much concerned by the costs of these strikes and decided to suspend Jim Larkin in December 1908.

The suspension only served to motivate Jim Larkin leading to him forming his own trade union. Jim Larking called his union, the Irish Transport, and general workers union. The new union had branches in Drogheda, Derry, Belfast, and Dublin. Read more: James Larkin | Biography and Jim Larkin | Wikipedia

He also initiated a political program championed for eight legal hours of work, employment for the unemployed, and provision of the pension to employees over the age of 60. Jim Larkin was not only involved with the organizing of workers’ strike but was also an active participant in the temperance campaign.

In 1909, the Irish Trades Union Congress leaders got upset by his advocacy for industrial militancy and they expelled him in 1909. He was later found guilty of money misappropriation while working with the NUDL and he served a one-year sentence for his crime.

Getting the best insurance services from USHEALTH GROUP

The beauty of the insurance company

The USHEALTH GROUP does not offer general insurance policies because all the other insurance companies can do that. There are more marketable insurance policies which can cater for things to do with houses, lands and general properties. The USHEALTH GROUP only focuses on giving health insurances to clients of every economic class and health conditions. The group has dedicated its services to the provision of quality healthcare insurance that the clients will enjoy for the rest of their lives. There are several advantages of taking up policies with the insurance company. Consider some of the advantages why USHEALTH GROUP can be a good option for you.

The company admits all economic classes

Different people have different needs, and for this reason, they are only required to pay very the policies which will be relevant for their cases. People with critical conditions are helped in a way that they do not feel the pinch of paying any insurance covers. There are others who only need to take insurance policies for minor conditions. Certain clients would take insurance policies against specific calamities like accidents or emergency medical covers which may fail to happen. All these people are given different offers where they can feel valued. The quality of the services that they receive is reciprocated by the money that they pay.

Customer services

USHEALTH GROUP values the satisfaction of the customers and the positive reviews more than anything else. For this reason, the company is dedicated to the provision of quality services to the clients so that it can retain the current client base. Satisfaction of the customers is the key to making an organization thrive. The company operates on the basis that customers are the bosses of an organization and quality treatment to them will ensure the success of the operations. Learn more at about US Health Group.

The leadership styles

USHEALTH GROUP is one of the organizations where every employee including the CEO is involved in marketing. There are cases where clients would want to understand certain challenges and the needs to take medical covers. The CEO and the top management would engage the clients on the benefits of the company policies and what makes them different from the others. In as much there is duty delegation, it is salient to understand that clients have to be treated properly. The organisation has created this culture so that the employees can understand how to relate to one another and the customers. Occasionally, the Insurance Company calls the agents for meeting to strategise on how to improve the services that are offered to the clients. The agents have a chance to speak on behalf of their so that the implementation process can be inclusive of all the difficulties encountered in the field.

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