The Services of Sussex Healthcare, their Capabilities, and Objectives

     Sussex Healthcare is broadly recognized for being a private institution dealing with the offer of services related to care homes. It is not only a care center but also offers support services. The operations of the group within Sussex entails both residential as well as nursing.

Their recognition intensified following their win of an award for being the best group dealing with care homes. It is worth acknowledging that it has enhanced the provision of such services for more than twenty-five years in the sector of healthcare. They offer a variety of quality services that are centered on particular persons or groups.

About their care for the aged, the center has a lot of dedication concerning the provision of a safe and conducive environment. It should be characterized by support as well as stimulation for every individual. The objective, in this case, is to optimize their abilities both physically, emotionally, socially and intellectually.

They also offer dementia care. At the center, they provide not only support but also peace of mind. Their commitment is directly related to the offer of an exemplary care for those having dementia. They facilitate this through the use of a caring approach that is person-centered. They also offer training concerning such concern to the entire staff.

Additionally, there is the provision of the neurological care. They also offer an excellent care regarding their facilities which are purpose built. This offers a lot of help to the persons in need of support for their neurological as well as the acquired brain injuries. Their commitment is to provide the most exemplary care and support standards in favor of every individual with what they need.

At the center, there is the concern of learning disabilities as well as profound multiple learning disabilities care. It is for this reason that they take care of the physically disabled as well as those having challenges with learning. To support this, they have certain specialized facilities, staff who are highly skilled, and the necessary equipment to enhance the care for different needs and abilities.

Other services include daycare, sensory rooms, physiotherapy, respite care, a specialist gymnasium, hydrotherapy pools as well as various holistic therapies.

Waiakea Company role in Environmental Sustainability

The CPG industry’s primary challenge has been on dealing with its non-degradable plastic bottles. However, from next year, the Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water will introduce a new package that is fully degradable but 100% recyclable.

After taking five years to conduct 1200 experiments, Waiakea Company has come up with an advanced bottle technology. The Waiakea bottle will use the TimePlast`s nano-additive. This additive will reduce the plastic lifespan from thousands of years to about 15 years.

For these bottles, Waiakea has upheld quality with the bottles having a high-quality RPET compared to the regular packages. This quality comes with a negligible price difference considering its ecological benefits. In fact, a pound of additive is enough to alter a thousand plastic pounds.

About Waiakea

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic started its operations in 2012 under Ryan Emmons, who is also the founder. It is among the ten top volcanic water brands. The company uses natural volcano power to generate water, making it the industry leader regarding sustainability. It also leads as the first company in the United States water and beverages industry to be CarbonNeutral certified.

Waiakea Company has a packaging feature that is both renewable and sustainable. Its packaging bottle contains a TimePlast nano-additive ingredient and a 100% recycled polyethylene terephthalate that makes use of only 85% energy in its manufacture.

Besides being the Worlds Greenest premium water, Waiakea is also charitable. Waiakea is in partnership with the Pump Aid. Pump Aid is a charity that dedicates its activities to ensure that communities gain access to clean water. For each bottle sold, the partnership donates 650 liters of clean water to the rural and disadvantaged Africa. Through this partnership, the foundation has given over 500million liters of water. As evident in its manufacturing and packaging activities, Waiakea has a subscription with the famous Hawaiian tenant ‘Malama i ka Aina’ translated as ‘care for the land’.

Clients Speak Out on The Power of Securus Technologies Solution

Securus Technologies is a very interesting company. I first learned about them through an article that highlighted some testimonials from some of their clients. The testimonials were incredibly positive and they told of specific instances in which Securus had helped the prison or correctional facility succeed in banning or finding illegal activity within their walls.


For example, one client of Securus Technologies wrote in to say that thanks to their mobile tracking technology a Sheriff’s office was able to locate and recover over $1 million in stolen money, drugs and other stolen items. Another client wrote in to thank Securus for helping them create a safer environment within their prison as well as state that they had utilized Securus Technologies for over a decade and were incredibly pleased with the technology and the customer service they receive. Another person wrote in to say that Securus Technologies’ mobile monitoring service allowed them to monitor a call where an inmate was speaking to his brother. The inmate was attempting to coerce his brother into providing a false alibi for him. Once the call was recorded, it was provided to the inmate’s prosecutor as evidence to be used successfully at his trial.


Securus Technologies is led by CEO Rick Smith. Smith is an innovator in the technology industry and has fearlessly pushed Securus to become the leader in inmate security technology. The company is constantly pushing itself to become a leader, including creating a new technology each and every week in order to stay ahead of the curve.


Securus is headquartered in Dallas, Texas where it employs over 1,000 people between its headquarters and its multiple satellite offices throughout the country. They are known to be in contract with over 2,200 prison and correctional facilities to provide technology that includes things like their “Cell Defender” program and their Wireless Containment Solution.


Perfect Party Planning with Twenty Three Layers

If you are looking to plan the perfect party, but need a little help setting it up, then look no further than the team at Twenty Three Layers. Founder of Twenty Three Layers, Jessica Boskoff, has over a decade of experience planning parties and social events for some of the biggest clients in New York.

Twenty Three Layers began after Boskoff’s name grew in the event planning business. Her ten years of being in the corporate event planners business have helped her see different party options and what to do and not to do when throw a party. The company is one of many event planning companies in the country, but the most unique in that it’s founder and CEO has been in the business for over a decade before starting her own business. If you follow Boskoff’s step-by-step guide on how to throw a party, then that party will be the talk of the neighborhood for weeks to come.

It all starts with the preparation; if you do not know where to begin, first make sure you know the type of party (i.e. birthday, anniversary, holiday). From there you can make a theme out of the party. A few examples include decorating for a south of the boarder celebration, including games to fit into a certain era in time, wearing costumes from different eras in time. All of these themes can be incorporated into the set-up, the food, the drinks, how party guests dress up, and if necessary, what party guests bring for presents.

Now for the actual party, there are a few tips to make sure it is lively. The first would be to have a self-serve bar. Or, if you don’t want to have a bar set up, make a specialty concoction for the party. A great way to keep the theme going would be to have the specialty drink pair up with the theme to keep the party going! These are just a few ways to make your party the best one of the year, but make the party unique in your own.


The Brown Modeling Agency is the Austin Modeling Agency You Need on Your Radar

Two of the largest modeling and talent agencies in the Austin, TX area – Wilhelmina Austin and Heyman Talent-South recently merged together, re-launching themselves as The Brown Agency. Wilhelmina Austin launched in 2010, helmed by Justin Brown, and quickly became one of the most respected modeling agencies in the Austin area.

Known for its reputation for high-quality acting talent, Heyman Talent-South was a logical acquisition for Justin Brown’s company. Justin Brown will lead The Brown Agency as its CEO, while the founder and former CEO of Heyman Talent-South, Michal B. Bonée, will head up The Brown Agency’s theatre and acting division.

As a result of combining two of the most respected agencies in the Austin area, The Brown Agency now has access to a talent pool unparalleled by any other talent agency in the area. It has supplied models to work on high-profile campaigns for luxury clients, including Louis Vuitton, L’Oréal, Toyota, Dell, and thousands of others.

Brown has always had an eye for talent. At only 21, he had worked at a number of talent firms in Southern California, studying the industry, and placed 20 to 30 percent of the talent – incredibly high for the industry, and shocking considering his age. Part of this success comes from his knack at understanding the nuances of the markets in which he’s working. Brown notes that, even within Texas, Austin-based clients “are looking for a more cool vibe, more alternative – piercings, tattoos, funky hair,” while Dallas-based customers seek a more traditional, conservative look.

Of the merger, Brown said, “becoming full-service agency is an integral part of our growth strategy and commitment to serving our talent and clients.” It certainly seems this is the case, as The Brown Agency’s newfound reach means that it now competes with only the highest-level talent agencies in the area.

Being one of the top agencies in the Austin area, The Brown Agency is uniquely tapped into the pulse of eastern Texas, and as a company it cares about the well-being of other Texans. After the recent tragedy of Hurricane Harvey, The Brown Agency took time off to round up a car of supplies to be sent to aid those affected by the hurricane – a generous move, but one that demonstrates The Brown Agency’s conscientiousness and dedication to its community. Visit their Instagram page for more.