Waiakea Ranked Top 500 Among the Fastest Growing Companies

Recently, Waiakea Water was named position 414 among the fastest growing businesses in America. Waiakea has experienced significant growth in the first three years, which puts it at the top of the list next to companies such as Zappos, Patagonia, Microsoft, Under Armour, GoPro, and Timberland. Annually, Inc., a magazine that evaluates numerous businesses before ranking them, usually conducts the ranking of the top-performing companies. The criteria for selecting these companies include business’ growth rate and overall revenue within three financial years.

Waiakea’s Achievements

Since 2014, Waiakea has experienced a growth margin of about 1,059.3 percent. Waiakea will be awarded for its growth in the conference scheduled to take place in California. Entrepreneur Ryan Emmons founded this company. According to him, he is excited that his business made it to the list of the fastest-growing enterprises. He also added that the Waiakea looks forward to registering more accomplishments in the coming years. Waiakea is a business that has demonstrated that a company can still accomplish a lot and still maintain social and moral responsibilities to its customers and the surrounding communities. This company is committed to health, eco-friendly, and ethical initiatives. These three aspects are what makes this rand unique. Waiakea has won numerous awards and has always demonstrated its love for the society and the environment.

About Waiakea

Waiakea is a brand that has been operating since 2012. This company is the first of its kind to provide volcanic water in America. It is owned by Ryan Emmons, one of the most successful business people in Hawaii. Waiakea produces bottled water on the virtues of sustainability, health, and charity.

Waiakea’s goal is to provide natural water. This brand is committed to inspiring the lives and lifestyles of its consumers. Waiakea uses a triple bottom line for its packaging. This aspect is a clear indication that it cares about its customers and planet as well. Additionally, this company is involved in various environmental conservation activities. It also promotes accessibility of potable water and educates people across the globe.

Waiakea has in the last three years won numerous awards, including the 2015 Food and Beverage Innovation Award, Best in Show-Water Gold, Dujour Awards, and Best Packaged Water. This Company is also involved in a variety of activities aimed at providing clean water to impoverished communities in Africa

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